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Turning 52 does not necessarily mean looking the part. And one of Singapore’s most revered actress Zoe Tay sure knows how to keep her complexion looking youthful even as the years pass.

We break down some of her tips and tricks we ought to take note of.

1: Always apply SPF


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We cannot stress enough on the importance of applying sunscreen – and the entertainment industry wiz agrees too. Not only does SPF help protect the skin from harmful UV rays, it also prevents early signs of ageing and hyper pigmentation amongst many others.

Plus, with the advancements in technology, sunscreens are now better equipped with additional properties (read: there are a handful that fight off pollutants) to ensure skin is well protected.


2: Sheet masks are essential


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According to CNA, the actress applies one in the morning to prep her skin for makeup application and another (she prefers a more hydrating sheet mask) for night time.

And because she believes that taking care of her skin is an investment to her overall well-being, she enjoys indulging in sheet masks that formulated with more luxurious ingredients before heading to bed such as royal jelly and truffle. 


3: Eye creams are a must


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The skin around your peepers are the most susceptible to fine lines and wrinkles, and Zoe Tay gets that. Besides just applying eye creams, serums and masks, she is also a big believer of massaging the skin around the eyes to improve blood circulation. 


4: Find skincare brands and products that are suitable for your skin


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No, it is not about buying best-sellers or popular products as these may not necessarily be suitable for our skin. It is more important to find the ones that meet your skin concerns and work well with your skin type. 


5: It’s all in the mind


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Apart from being diligent with your skincare routine, it is always important to feel your best and be confident no matter what. The actress believes that everyone is beautiful, but more importantly, it is how one treats themselves. So that means getting adequate rest, exercising and keeping to a balanced diet.




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