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How many of you have contemplated rocking a pixie cut just because you got tired of dealing with breakage, hair loss and the literal hours of blow-drying? We definitely have. Our vanity counters are lined with all sorts of hair care products imaginable, testament to the high maintenance required for a healthy head of hair. From bottles of dry shampoos for those days we couldn’t imagine spending hours washing and drying our locks to vials Argan oil to treat damaged locks – and we haven’t even started on scalp care yet.

Yet, despite our best efforts, we haven’t quite been able to achieve the flowing, bouncing perfection of models’ hair in shampoo commercials. That is because our hair is subjected to all sorts of stressors every day and even small amounts of damage from common actions like brushing or heat drying builds up over time. Considering that hair strands take typically 2-5 years to grow, the damage can be quite evident until it is replaced with new hair. Here are the 4 most common causes of hair damage you’re likely subjecting your hair to daily.

1. Mechanical
Sadly, basic actions like using your hair brush and experiencing the occasional tangle (bedhead, anyone?) can seriously affect the health of your hair. Your hair cuticles become roughened and the cortex (the thickest layer of your hair) gets stretched, which causes the keratin to collapse, making your hair weaker and less elastic.

2. Thermal
We don’t need to tell you that heat styling, whether with your hair dryer or curling iron, can seriously fry your hair. Exposing your hair to extreme temperatures leads to changes in the shape of keratin strands; at 150°C+, your hair becomes weaker and less elastic and at 230°C+, your hair actually begins to melt and burn, breaking down the strong bonds within each strand. Over time, thermal damage not only damages your hair, but makes it more susceptible to damage from other factors. Yikes.

3. Chemical
From IG-worthy galaxy hair to beach getaways to poolside soirees, modern-day lifestyle has a lot to answer for when it comes to hair damage. As you probably know, the chemicals used to change the colour of your hair are extremely harsh and aggressive, particularly if you have dark, Asian hair and are trying to go lighter, which typically requires the use of bleach. When exposed to such chemicals, the cells of your hair cuticles are forced apart, making strands rougher and less hydrophobic, meaning they don’t repel water as well. Waterlogged hair basically = easier breakage.

Similarly, the chlorine found in swimming pools damages the cuticles too, making strands rough and more susceptible to mechanical damage – think back to the last time you went swimming. We bet you found a couple of strands in your hair brush and towel after. While swimming in the sea won’t physically change your hair the way chlorine can, don’t forget that the layer of salt your hair will be coated with increases friction between strands, ergo, increasing the impact of mechanical damage.

4. UV
Last but not least, living in a country this close to the equator means we experience a higher level of UV radiation than countries located further up the hemisphere. Your skin is not alone when it comes to sun damage – with prolonged exposure to the sun, UVA and UVB rays damages the hair cuticles, causing it to become brittle, thin and frizzy.

Basically, modern day isn’t great for our hair, and basic grooming like blow drying exacerbates the damage. However, that doesn’t mean that in order to maintain healthy hair, we are forced to go around with wet hair sopping the backs of our tops or waiting hours for it to air dry (this actually doesn’t really help either as wet hair is easier to damage and break, so you should actually dry your hair as soon as possible).

Enter the Dyson Supersonic, that futuristic hair dryer you’ve seen all over social media. Fun fact: This hair dryer was developed after four years of studying nearly 1,625km of hair, so you know it truly is the future in hair health.

Intelligent Heat Control
Featuring intelligent heat control, this hair dryer favoured by beauty bloggers and editors the world over dries your hair without damaging it. Conventional hair dryers rely on extreme temperatures to dry your hair quicker, which ultimately results in both hair and scalp damage. The Dyson Supersonic on the other hand, has a glass bead thermistor that measures temperature an astounding 20 times a second, and a microprocessor then regulates the patented double-stacked heating element, allowing it to avoid extreme heat and protecting your hair’s cuticle and cortex structure by keeping the temperature below 100°.

Air Multiplier Technology
Thanks to a patented Air Multiplier technology, your hair is dried not with excess heat, but a high pressured jet of air angled at precisely 20°, allowing you to dry and style your hair at the same time, without the dreaded frizz or fly-aways. The Dyson Supersonic comes with 3 different nozzles – Styling, Smoothing and Diffuser – to cater to your unique hair needs. The Styling nozzle produces a high-velocity blade of air that allows you to focus on which section of hair you want to style and dry, without sending the rest of your hair into disarray. The Smoothing nozzle helps to dry hair gently, using a smooth, wide airflow and the Diffuser nozzle is engineered to disperse air evenly around your curls, simulating natural drying and reduces frizz while improving definition. PS: all attachments remain cool to the touch, thanks to the Heat Shield technology.

Motor Enabled
Clearly a cut above the rest, the Dyson Supersonic is actually powered by their patented V9 Dyson digital motor. It spins up to 110,000rmp to allow for the high-velocity jet of air, and it is so small that it’s positioned within the handle, as opposed to the head like traditional hair dryers. This means better balance, less wrist strain and reduced hair drying time.

So go on and give your hair the treatment it deserves. The Dyson Supersonic is available on and major departmental and electrical stores at SGD$599.