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#Hairgoals are everywhere these days and with social media we can’t escape seeing our favourite celebs and Instagram stars all tressed to impress. Sure, they’ve often got a hairstylist to thank for cascading waves or an exceptionally sleek lob, but that doesn’t mean you need a hair professional on speed dial to get hair that’s healthy, shiny and smooth.
The secret achieving and maintaining your healthiest hair ever lies in how you care for your scalp. The products you use in and out of the shower are extremely important for keeping your scalp healthy and nourished which makes all the difference to your hair in the long run.
If you don’t have the luxury of time and money for constant salon treatments, PHS Hairscience has an award-winning Home Care Trichology line that’s got advanced hair and scalp treatments for concerns like thinning, dandruff, dry or damaged hair, and sensitive or oily scalps.
Not only is the range backed by trichologists, it also contains a high concentration of powerful botanical extracts, stem cell technology as well as patented herbal ingredients which make it safe and incredibly effective for treating your specific hair and scalp concerns.
To help us figure out what regime to follow for various hair and scalp concerns, we invited four of our readers to suss out the plethora of products to figure out what’s a great essential for all hair types, something for thinning hair, dry and damaged hair, as well as an ageing scalp or greying hair.
Just like the skin on your face, your scalp needs some good clean exfoliating from time to time. This exfoliation rids your scalp of toxins, product buildup, dirt, and dead skin cells so that your scalp can stay as healthy as possible. A healthy scalp not only produces healthy hair, it also better absorbs any nutrients you might want to give it.
Enter the ADV Elixir, which for the uninitiated is PHS Hairscience’s best-selling heroine of a product – and for good reason, too. For starters, this dual-duty exfoliating deep cleanser comes chock-full of beautifying botanicals that promise to penetrate the hair follicles to gently slough off dirt and debris, so as to prevent hair loss, soothe inflammation and alleviate the symptoms of dandruff. A de-greased and prepped scalp is well-primed for whatever shampooing and conditioning you follow up with.
Consider this your must-have Step 1, no matter what your hair type or concern.

The ADV Elixir was surprisingly lightweight. It smells so good and makes me feel like I’m in a spa which is one of the reasons I look forward to applying it once a week. My scalp is usually oily by mid-day with my fringe looking greasy, but after two weeks of using the elixir I noticed my scalp wasn’t getting oily and my fringe had more volume.” – Raine


There are many reasons for thinning hair, including genetics. The FEM Fortify hair loss regime specifically targets hair loss symptoms brought on by stress, hormonal changes, and environmental aggressors. It nourishes your hair at the roots in an effort to prevent hair fall, it strengthens your follicles, and also improves the blood circulation in your scalp which helps encourage healthier hair growth.
Once you’ve used the ADV Elixir, the rest of the FEM Fortify regime includes a FEM Fortify Shampoo, FEM Fortify Conditioner, and FEM Fortify Tonic. The shampoo has rice callus stem cell to boost scalp circulation and walnut seed extract to nourish, while the nourishing conditioner is all about strengthening your hair with botanical essences to prevent breakage, split ends, or frizz. Round it all off with an oxygenating tonic you massage into your scalp every evening before bed.

While I didn’t notice immediate results, my scalp does feel a lot cleaner and fresher, and much of the itching has been relieved. After two weeks, I noticed my scalp was less oily, no longer itchy, and it felt healthier. I also found that my hair isn’t falling as much.” – Netty Lie


Damaged hair is pretty common these days, with the various chemical, colour and heat treatments we put our hair through on the regular, not to mention environmental conditions and sun damage. The result? Dry, brittle, and porous hair that just looks dull, frizzy, and is tough to manage.
The PHS Hairscience Argan Oil Range is enriched with vitamin E, essential fatty acid and linoleic acid and of course certified Pure Argan Oil extract to nourish your hair, fill in all the porous holes in your strands, and seal in all that moisture. When you’re strengthening your hair, moisture is an important component to make sure your hair also regains some much-needed elasticity! The argan oil in this range does just that, promising you smoother, softer, and shiny hair.
For damaged hair that needs deeper repair, we suggest the ADV Argan Oil and ADV Argan Oil Treatment Mask for *intense hydration*, UV protection and *strengthen* your hair to prevent more damage in the long run.

The biggest difference in using the combination of ADV Elixir, ADV Argan Oil Shampoo and ADV Argan Oil Conditioner is in the texture of my hair. Frizzy, damaged hair now feels smooth, silky, and is easier to comb. The mask keeps my hair feeling more moisturised and the serum gives my coloured hair a beautiful shine.” – Priscilla Tan


According to the hair and scalp experts at PHS Hairscience, our scalp ages 12 times faster than the skin on our body, which is a tad frightening to know. We take comfort however in knowing that there’s a haircare range dedicated to fighting the signs of scalp ageing. That means protecting the melanin in your hair, strengthening the health and immunity of your scalp, nourishing it, and boosting circulation to make sure your hair grows as well as possible.
The full AGE Defying regime consists of the AGE Defying shampoo, AGE Defying Conditioner, and AGE Defying Serum. The shampoo boasts ingredients like Lycopene, Tomato extract and Beta glucan which both provide intense hydration and boost the health of your scalp.

I like the texture and fragrance of the products. The formula isn’t too thick and the fragrance is light. I wish the AGE Defying Shampoo was in a tube form as well, but the packaging is fine overall. While I didn’t notice immediate results, over time my hair has gotten slightly smoother and my scalp feels healthier.” – Jane


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