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Hair loss is just distressing — and one in every three women will experience some form of it in their lifetime. The causes are varied, from stress to childbirth and extreme dieting.

Using proven science from its R&D laboratory in South Korea, Papilla Haircare, founded by local entrepreneur and billionaire heiress Kim Lim, offers innovative solutions using its exclusive hair-loss serums and advanced clinical treatments.

Why the treatments work

Papilla Haircare

With its wealth of expertise, Papilla Haircare has had over 4,000 success stories — a testament to its reliable protocols that are trusted by doctors, including top Korean hair transplant surgeons.

The secret lies in cultured botanical stem cell extracts, which are paired with a proprietary formula to stimulate hair cells while helping with scalp conditions and hair thinning. The promised result: a 38 per cent increase in hair cell growth within 28 days, and a 600 per cent improvement in hair volume.

Treatments to try at Papilla Haircare

For hair loss problems, try the S.E.P Activator for Hair Loss treatment. S.E.P stands for scalp electroporation, and is a US FDA-approved needle-free technology that delivers active ingredients deep into your scalp.

As most creams and lotions can’t penetrate the scalp because of their large molecules, the low electrical pulses of S.E.P enhance their absorption — by up to 17 times.

More importantly, the S.E.P Activator treatment is non-invasive, comfortable and has little downtime. It is also suitable for those with Alopecia Type 1 (general thinning) and Type 2 (patchy hair loss) issues, from early to advanced stages.

It’s even suitable for post-hair-transplant patients and has been recommended by hair transplant surgeons to improve transplanted hair survival and recovery.

S.E.P Activator For Hair Loss Treatment
• No needles
• No downtime
• No pain
• Non-invasive

For more information, visit Papilla Haircare, #05-25AB Ngee Ann City, tel: 6465-4565 or Whatsapp: 9154-4519; or

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Enjoy your first S.E.P Activator for Hair Loss treatment at just $128. Terms and conditions apply. Valid until Aug 31, 2020.

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