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The first step to solving any problem is to get to the root of the problem (pun fully intended). In a nutshell, frizziness occurs when the cuticle or the outermost layer of the hair is raised due to dehydration.

This allows moisture to pass through and make the strands swell up. This causes hair to seek moisture from air that is around it, which explains why humidity often makes matters worse.

Another major but oftentimes overlooked cause of frizz? – Heat styling. We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but daily exposure to heat can strip your locks off its natural moisture and lead to frizz.

Instead of banishing these hair tools from your hair styling arsenal, it’s important to protect your tresses with a hair serum with heat protectant before using any hot tools like your hair dryer and hair straightener.

What to use if you are frazzled by frizz

If you are looking for an anti-frizz hair serum that will do just that, look no further than the reformulated John Frieda Frizz Ease that contains nourishing ginseng extract that will restore cuticles from the brink of damage.

The serum has been said to instantly transform straw-like hair by forming a light humidity-proof sheath around each strand that will hold the cuticle flat. So it can’t raise up and look frizzy and dull.

It also smooths and adds shine thanks to ingredients like dimethiconol. This ingredient also helps to film a film on the surface of the hair to dissipate heat from hot tools and hence prevent hair damage and frizz.

The John Frieda Frizz Ease Serum has been fighting the good fight against frizz for the past 30 years – and is a cult-favourite. Case in point it has collected at least 63 awards and countless nominations in the United Kingdom alone.

To find out if the serum lives up to the hype, this writer tested it out.

Experience with the Frizz Ease Original Serum

Even after getting regular trims to remove the dead weight, my strands still look lacklustre and dull when styled and tends to get frizzy in the heat. I’m usually quite hesitant to load up on product, because I was always afraid that it will weigh down my fine hair.

But I was pleasantly surprised at how lightweight the Frizz Ease Original Serum was.

Even though the description on the box says it’s for medium to thick hair, which it is, I’ve found that is works on my fine, frizzy hair, so long as I use the right amount. A little goes a long way with this product. The brand recommends using a pump, but for most people with fine hair, a pea-sized amount is good enough. To get the full effect of this product, try applying the serum on wet hair.

The serum doesn’t just mask damaged tresses in a veil of shine, the ginseng extract in it also helps to nourish it from within add body and volume to my wavy locks. It won’t leave your locks feeling heavy or looking greasy.

It also has a pleasant light fruity floral scent, which was pleasant.

Testimonial from avid John Frieda Frizz Ease user and Her World Beauty Club member, Gina

“With just one to two drops of this product, you’ll get glossy luscious mermaid-like tresses. I have fine, wavy and frizzy hair, so I usually stay away from products that would weigh my hair down.

But, Frizz Ease worked wonders for my hair. Not only did it define and revive my curls, it also adds volume and shine to my dull locks.

If you have a fuss-free hair care routine like me, I would definitely recommend picking up this product.”

The John Frieda Frizz Ease retails for $19.90 and is sold at major drugstores and supermarkets.