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You have fine, limp hair. You can’t help it because it’s genetic. So you try your best to make it voluminous with styling products. Yet, before you’ve even made it to lunch, your hair has fallen flat yet again. It’s not your fault. It’s just something that you have to deal with, living in Singapore’s humid climate.

That’s why we’re seeing a trend where more women are turning to the pros for treatments and services that help transform their hair texture to make it more voluminous. Here, the best in-salon services that you can try:

1. Hair Salon Tokyo Michaela’s Signature Perm, $500


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Ideal for those with fine hair that lacks volume, this customisable perm service is the perfect option.

First, you will have a consultation with your stylist to assess your hair condition as well as to get a better understanding of your desired outcome.

Next, your hair is washed and a series of hair treatment solutions is applied to condition and prime your locks for the subsequent steps.

Then, the rebonding cream is applied to help open up hair cuticles to enable reshaping chemicals to penetrate hair shaft so as to alter its structure.

If you’re worried about hair damage, this rebonding cream is free of alkaline, which means it has a super gentle action on the hair and minimises potential damage caused.

Heated rollers are then put on your hair to lock in the curl before it’s time for a rinse again.

Finally, the last steps of the hair treatment are applied to infuse hair with nutrients and seal hair cuticles for a smooth and shiny finish. And after your hair is blow-dried, you can expect bouncy, voluminous and frizz-free tresses that stay in place and don’t fall flat.

2. Prep Luxe Digital Perm, from $200 onwards


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The salon has come a long way since it first launched as a blow-out-only destination for your pre-party hairstyling.

Now, it offers a full range of hair services, such as cut and colour as well as texture services such perms and rebonding.

But at Prep Luxe, the key is in the details, as your session also begins with an in-depth consultation with your stylist, who will then be able to determine the end-look based on your preferences and your lifestyle. Next, the curling rollers are applied and every single detail comes in play. From the size of the rollers to how long they’re left on for, and even the temperature they’re set at, these are all crucial in ensuring the perfect style. And when you’re in the good hands of the experienced stylists at Prep Luxe, rest assured you’ll walk out with the exact same look you want.

There’s also a menu of nourishing hair treatments that you can add on to your Digital Perm to ensure maximum healthy, shiny hair.

3. Apgujeong Hair Studio Mucota Omega Digital Perm, from $288


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If you want natural, wavy curls that add volume to your hair without weighing them down, try the Mucota Omega Digital Perm.

Instead of just applying the digital perm process to your entire head of hair, this service first begins with Omega volume rebonding to eliminate that pesky frizzy effect many women with fine hair have to deal with.

This instantly smooths the hair texture, gives your hair some root lift and doesn’t cause it to look limp. After this first part is done, the digital perm is then applied towards the ends of the hair to create that weightless bounce.

All you have to do to recreate this pro-like effect when you are at home is simply blow-dry your hair and twirl the pieces of your hair into place.

4. Chez Vous 10-Step Treatment Perm, from $347.75


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Perfect for those who require a different treatment at the root and at the ends, this customisable perm enables your stylist to sculpt and shape your hair just the way you like it. Plus, with only stylists who are salon directors (i.e. they are super experienced), you are definitely getting your money’s worth with each service booked at Chez Vous.

After a one-on-one consultation with your stylist, he or she will begin by first giving your hair a trim in order to accentuate the style that you have both agreed on. Next, your hair is prepped with a protein treatment to strengthen it and to minimise damage from the perming solution to be used later on. Then, the perming solution is applied throughout your hair before the curling rollers are attached. As they get heated, your styled hair is gradually locked into place. Finally, the solution is rinsed off before your hair is blow-dried, where you can finally see the end-result of perfectly natural waves that add volume while keeping your hair manageable.

5. Leekaja Magic Setting Perm, from $240


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For the ultimate Korean celeb effect, look no further than the Magic Setting Perm at Leekaja.

Hailing from Korea, this mega salon chain has branches all over the world, including USA and China, bringing men and women that wildly popular Korean aesthetic when it comes to their hair. And you can expect nothing less than the superstar treatment as well. With incredible attention to detail, your stylist not only finds out about your preferences and lifestyle but also studies your head and face shape to help determine the most flattering cut and style for you.

Next, your hair is trimmed before the hair at your roots are rebonded to smooth out the frizz and give your hair a healthy shine. Then, hot curling rods are applied to your hair, usually from mid-length onwards to achieve that soft C-curl effect at the tips. Also included is a hair softening treatment which replenishes hair with nutrients and seals cuticles so that they become stronger and less prone to breakage.

The result? Perfect, smooth waves that will last for months — all you have to do to get them looking like you just left the salon is to blow dry your hair and twirl the curls into place.