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Here at Her World, we take pride in testing out the hottest, newest and latest beauty services that are available in Singapore. From scalp treatments to soothing massages, you name it, we’ve probably tried it. Our aim: To provide our readers (yes, you!) with the best information on which are the best hair salons and spas that are worth our attention and hard-earned money.

Credit: Chez Vous: Private Space

The latest and probably one of the best hair salons that we’ve tried recently is Chez Vous: Private Space. Just last week, I stopped by the spanking new Chez Vous: Private Space hair salon in Orchard Road. And boy was I enamoured of it. From the expert hairstylists and attentive service to the business class-like setup and complimentary high tea, this first-of-its-kind hair salon is truly a step up (wait, make it a few steps up!) from its competitors.

Credit: Chez Vous: Private Space

Admittedly, I’ve been to numerous hair salons as part of my job. Many of them claim to be the best hair salon in Singapore. However, only a few live up to it and I’m adding the all-new Chez Vous: Private Space to my go-to list when it comes to hair services. Why? Read on to find out more.

Whoa! It’s really a private space

At Chez Vous: Private Space, the first thing you’ll notice is that you really have a personal pod that’s all yours. It almost makes you feel like you’re a celebrity or VIP. In other words, you get the utmost privacy and exclusivity here.

Credit: Chez Vous: Private Space

You’ll find two different types of stations: Individually-designed private rooms or semi-enclosed pods.

Pro-tip: If you’re someone who don’t fancy enclosed spaces or need a hair-smoothing treatment (that tends to emit fumes), the semi-enclosed pods will be a better option.

Credit: Chez Vous: Private Space

What?! The seats lie flat?

During the hair wash, I was told that the salon houses fully reclined shampoo units by BÜCE from Seoul. In case you don’t know, BÜCE is the crème de la crème of hair salon fixtures.

The “bed” felt so comfortable; I fought hard to keep myself awake. In the end, I found myself drifting into sleep and I hope I didn’t snore!

Credit: Chez Vous: Private Space

This is like my own little sanctuary and movie theatre

Credit: Chez Vous: Private Space

I’m into meditation lately so imagine the joy when I found out that guided meditation practices are available in each private pod.

If meditation is not your cup of tea, consider trying out colouring which can feel equally calming. Go ahead and request for a set of Millie Marotta’s Art Therapy Kit and peel yourself away from the world, one pencil stroke at a time.

Prefer to catch up on your favourite Netflix shows or podcasts? That’s available too!

There’s an extensive drinks menu and it’s free!

Credit: Chez Vous: Private Space

The drinks list is extensive, so bear with me.

Pick from: Honey Iced Milk Green Tea, Lychee Iced Milk Green Tea, Vanilla Iced Thai Milk Tea, Hazelnut Iced Thai Milk Tea, Cold Brew Rooibos Tea, Cold Brew Mint Tea, Cold Brew Chamomile Yuzu Tea, Cold Brew Lemongrass Tea, Yuzu Bubbles and Hot Blooming Flower Teas that come in four different flavours, and various coffees too.

Did I mention that they are all delectable and IG-worthy too?

Wait. There’s also high tea that’s free!

Credit: Chez Vous: Private Space

Good news: All service bundles come with a complimentary mini-tiered high tea set. I don’t mean to flex but I was truly living my Tai Tai dream.

Credit: Chez Vous: Private Space

Pro-tip: If you prefer something heavier, instant porridge and noodles are available upon request too.

OMG, there’s a free express HeadSpa too?!

Did you know: Chez Vous: Private Space’s HeadSpa is known to alleviate brain fog, relieve stress and promote deep sleep? I feel like my insomnia is about to meet its match. This service is applicable for all service bundles.

Forget hot desking or WFH

Credit: Chez Vous: Private Space

If you’re rushing to meet deadlines (like me), opt for the work-friendly private rooms. Although there’s a minimum spend of $450, you can have both your hair and work done in peace, while enjoying a HeadSpa over high tea. Working from a salon? Honestly, I could get used to this.

Pro-tip: High-speed Wi-Fi, power points, stationery and printing services (up to 10 pages) are available upon request. You can even borrow an Apollo Neuro wearable device from the team. It provides scientifically proven touch therapy that you can wear as a band around your wrist to help you focus better.

An “amenity” kit? What’s inside?

Guests who go for the salon’s service bundles can request for a free gift set. This particular one has a 10ml lavender essential oil (100% pure) and a 9g intensive hair mask — perfect for my upcoming vacays.

Rest assured — the stylists are highly qualified

Rumours have it that Chez Vous – a 27 years old veteran salon brand – has one of the toughest entry recruitment process to upkeep its top-notch reputation.

It’s no wonder Chez Vous is widely known as one of the best hair salons in Singapore. The stylists here have a minimum of 10 years of experience and they are all required to complete 35 hours of training annually. In short: You’re in good hands.

Do your hair in business class-like style — at just a small (or even zero) top-up

Credit: Chez Vous: Private Space

Premium pricing, yes. Exorbitant pricing, no — thankfully!

I was pretty surprised when I saw the price list. Most chemical services (such as Balayage, Perm, Soft Rebonding, etc), inclusive of haircut and express HeadSpa are under $420!

For chemical services with an additional hair treatment, many cost below $510. Their charges are similar to (if not lower than) many other top-tiered premium salons in Singapore.

Not forgetting all the above perks you get to enjoy. This makes Chez Vous: Private Space one of the best hair salons you must definitely try.

Trust us: Once you’ve experienced business class, it’s hard to go back to economy. The best part? Getting my hair did in business class-like environment but with Premium Economy price. Count me in!

Chez Vous: Private Space is located at 391B Orchard Road, Ngee Ann City Tower B, #08-01. Call 6235 0345 or email to book an appointment or visit for more information. Advanced reservations are highly recommended.

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