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Credit: Leekaja

Anyone who’s had their hair coloured in a salon would know that the draggiest and dullest part of the process is when you’re sitting in the chair, just waiting for the hues to develop. Not only is this time-sapping – especially if you’ve chosen a “challenging” or fashion colour – but given the current state of things, it’s also not a good idea to spend any more time outside than necessary. 

That’s why we were stoked when we heard about Megix 10, a new professional hair colour range by Italian salon brand Mowan. Currently offered at hair salon Leekaja in Mandarin Gallery, it promises to reduce colour development time to as little as 10 minutes, as compared to the usual 30 to 40 minutes. 

How it works

The key to Megix 10’s speediness is its formula of micro pigments – developed after years of research and thousands of tests. When mixed with the base and applied, these pigments oxidise and develop at a much faster rate so you get results in a jiffy and cut down the product’s contact time on your hair and scalp.  

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That’s not all. Because the micro pigments are so small, they can get into hair easily without needing a lot ammonia to open up the hair cuticles. That is why Megix 10 colours have low ammonia content, making them healthier and safer, especially for those with brittle, damaged tresses or sensitive skin.


The icing on the cake is the formula’s inclusion of an ingredient called Keraveg-18, a mix of 18 vegetable amino acids that provide a protective coating over hair so it’s smoother, stronger and less prone to frizz and static. 

The process

As with regular salon colouring services, our session at Leekaja kicked off with a consultation with the hairstylist (in our case, salon director Carmen). 

Because Megix 10 is a low-ammonia, low-pigment colour, we were expecting the range of colours on offer to be limited, or to consist mostly of a natural palette of browns, reds and blondes. Instead, we were pleasantly surprised that there are 80 shades available and they can be further tweaked to create the hue you prefer. 

Leekaja megix10 tube

After applying a scalp-protecting serum, the colour is brushed on and left to develop. True to its promise, the shade we chose manifested after just 10 minutes and we could proceed on to shampoo and blow-dry.  

Do note: 10-minutes is the minimum development time required. If you have dark hair that hasn’t been pre-lightened or coloured but choose a very bright or light-toned shade, then the time needed to achieve it may be around 20 minutes instead. That’s still pretty fast compared to conventional colour though. 

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The results

Any concerns we may have had about ending up with a blah or barely-there colour disappeared once we saw the full effect after blow-drying. The cherry-violet shade we had opted for showed up beautifully as an rich, dark red, while previously highlighted streaks acquired a pretty pinkish-purple tone. 

Leekaja Model 6 (After)

What further impressed us was how soft and glossy our hair was, not just immediately after the salon blow-dry but over a week after it was coloured. The Keraveg-18 seemed to have done its job well, not only preventing the sort of dryness and frizz that’s common in post-coloured tresses but also helping the colour stay fresh and vibrant. 

The Mowan Megix 10 hair colour service at Leekaja starts from $120.