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Thinking Of A New Hair Colour? Try Rose Brown

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Here’s the thing with extreme hair colours. We pine for it, but we never really have the commitment to actually “get it”. Are we prepared to for a head of pastel pink? Will we be able to take care of fiery red hair? Do we have the time to care for a mermaid ombré mane?

And we eventually wind up sticking to safe and easy colours, such as brown or caramel. Even when we get highlights, we go for the usual blonde strands. Truth be told, we tend to steer towards looks that are “natural”.

But natural can sometimes be boring. And extreme colours a little too… extreme. So, if you’re ever in the mood for the middle ground – we’ll recommend you the latest hair colour trend: Rose brown.


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The good thing about this colour is that you’re able to manipulate its intensity. The shade can be subtle – so subtle that it’s only noticeable under the sun – or slightly bolder with a more pronounced shade of rose. And best of all, it’s extremely low commitment so you won’t need to spend extensive amounts of time to care for it.

Keep reading to see how you can sport this versatile colour!


If you want to keep it natural, but with a twist


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Get a natural highlight, but inform your hairstylist that instead of a flat brown shade, mix in a shade of warm pink that doesn’t deviate much from the tone of the highlight colour. The end result will be extremely subtle, but flirty rose brown highlights.


If you want manageable hair, with more vibrant colour


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Have your hairstylist work in the rose brown on the bottom third of your hair, creating a slight gradient effect. The colour isn’t going to be very prominent still, but it’s a low commitment one because there isn’t a need to get your hair bleached. The rose brown will be a mix between maroon and aubergine.


If you want to go all out


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Should you want to rose brown colour to be extremely pronounced and obvious, you’ll have to bleach your hair. Folks who opt for this will require to spend a little more time caring for your mane (as with all bleached hair). That said, the colour – while obvious – isn’t anything as outstanding compared to turquoise or pastel pink.