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The Queen Bey turned heads, so to speak, when she unveiled a drastic short crop on Instagram–@beyonce Instagram

Looking to make a style statement and stay cool at the same time? Go bold with your hair and try out a super-short look.

“Going from very long to very short is such a dramatic change and it’s an amazing way to reinvent your image,” says British Colourist of the Year Ken Picton.

But are you brave enough to part with your locks? Before you commit to taking it all off, here are some pointers to consider.

Hair trend: how to wear a short crop

Learn to work with your face shape

Cropped hair works best on faces with “cute, petite features”, says Ken Picton.

Exhibit A: Anne Hathaway (above), the princess of pixie cuts, draws further attention to her beguiling face with strong yet shapely brows, copious lashings of mascara and a dramatic bordeaux lip.

Flaws such as asymmetrical noses and ears are amplified with pixie cuts, so the best recourse is to ask a stylist and beauty cabin consultant to recommend you a flattering look.

Round faces: Ken recommends a short cut with “lots of angles and a pointy fringe shaping into points over the ears to give the face definition”.

Square faces: “looks best in a rounded cut with a sweeping fringe so don’t go too short”.

Oval faces: suit most hairstyles, “so it’s more important to look at your features,” Ken adds.

Remember that styling is all-important

Make sure you invest in some bespoke products that will help you achieve that sculpted style you envisaged.

For matte, textured styles, look out for styling pastes. Several products with good holding power to consider include Redken Rough Clay or KMS California Hairplay Clay Crème.

For a sleek, glossy look, invest in products designed to add shine. Osis Gelflex is a good option for creating a gorgeously slick short style.