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Credit: Taeyeon_ss/Instagram

It’s always exciting to check out the latest manicure trends, but what’s even better is when it’s one that’s easy to maintain. Enter lip gloss nails, a look that is not only oh-so-pretty but also complements any outfit or lifestyle.

While glazed donut nails found a space in our hearts (and on our nails) last year, lip gloss nails are here to make their mark in 2023. It’s already a hit on TikTok with celebs such as Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon and Yoona.

Manicurist Rebecca Chuang (@theflutterytips) explains that lip gloss nails are different from its predecessor as it’s done without the chrome sparkle on top. She describes it as “a sheer pink tint layer to create a fresh, minimal look”. So while glazed donut nails typically have a sheen or shimmer to create the glaze, this new trend features a sheer or slightly-tinted top coat.

As its name suggests, this trend has a glossy look. And the shades mimic the ones you’d use on your lips. Rebecca suggests any shades of sheer pink but if you don’t like this colour, you can opt for beige or milky shades. The colours in this trend are in hues most similar to the colour of your nail bed. And the end result resembles how clear lip gloss looks on bare lips. You can choose to dress it up with micro French tips or diamantes for a special occasion.

The lip gloss nails trend is so popular because, as Rebecca puts it, it’s suitable for all occasions. And you don’t have to stress about making an appointment with a manicurist as you can easily recreate it at home – all you need is the right nail colour.

“After nail filing and cuticle care, apply the sheer pink tint gel colour,” Rebecca explains. “Repeat the steps one more time before applying a gel top coat to seal.”

Rebecca recommends BIAB 018 from The GelBottle Singapore: “It’s a soak off gel builder that’s harder than regular gel polish. It creates a strong overlay and is a strengthening barrier for natural nails.”