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Your skin needs more than topical skincare products to keep it looking young and beautiful. Collagen, an essential protein that’s responsible for keeping skin strong, elastic and smooth, starts to decrease in the body after the age of 20. You can use all the serums and creams you want, but don’t forget that beauty starts from the inside!

An easy lifestyle change is in order here, starting with your diet. Daunting as the word “diet” is, Meiji has made it incredibly easy to include a daily boost of skin health with its Amino Collagen Premium. The  product comes in an easily-dissolved powder form, which means it can be added to foods and drinks like coffee, juices, yogurt and orange juice. The best part? It works perfectly with both hot and cold foods and drinks, which means you can make your morning brews work harder whether you like them hot or iced.

The science behind Amino Collagen Premium is a labour of love by Meiji, which is now celebrating the 10th anniversary of the line in Singapore. Its popularity can probably be attributed to how well it works, and how seamlessly it fits into any lifestyle.

It has 100 per cent low-molecular fish collagen which is highly absorbent and effective at restoring the skin’s suppleness; milk ceramides which repair and keep skin moisturised; and large amounts of aesthetic amino acids and beauty ingredients like hyaluronic acid that are present in almost every premium skincare product.

Because it’s considered a food product, you can pop Amino Collagen Premium into a snack or drink at any time of the day. Most importantly, the amazing ingredients are packed into a small 7g daily dose – just about a teaspoon and a half for a daily beauty boost!



Pep up your morning by mixing the powder with coffee or tea.

Rich sauces like creams and curries go well with the Amino Collagen powder.

Try mixing the powder into an afternoon snack like yogurt that’s both tasty and healthy.

Add the Amino Collagen powder to your hot camomile or peppermint tea at night, to complement your beauty routine.


Celebrating 10 Years of Meiji Amino Collagen in Singapore! To commemorate the 10th anniversary of Amino Collagen Premium in  ingapore, Meiji is offering a special set ($99) that includes a tin of the Amino Collagen powder, a refill pack and a self-tirring mug that, at the push of a button, mixes the powder into any drink of your choice. It’s beautifully effortless!


Where to buy: Available at Watsons, Guardian, and OG.

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