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Eunice Olsen is the face of Physiogel’s latest ‘Free In My Skin’ campaign, which aims to help improve sensitive skin problems and eventually stabilise the condition. Image: Physiogel

Tell us about what you’ve been working on recently.
My company House of Ou Studios is still working on Womentalk TV, our flagship channel. It’s in production for our third season and we’ll start showing season three online at in August. I’ve also just been appointed as the brand ambassador for Physiogel and we’re going to work on something together as part of Womentalk TV’s second anniversary this year! Apart from that, I just recently finished filming power recipes which was shown on Okto. Also, my business partner and I are in the midst of a new media and tech start-up, focusing on travel. It is in the developing stages now and we’re really excited about it. I still travel to Cambodia for my non-profit projects like feminine hygiene education, building toilets for girls in schools and other gap projects which include rice distribution for people living with HIV and vulnerable families in formerly evicted communities, and building houses.

What skin problems have you battled with? How did you deal with them?
In 2012, I spent most of my time in Cambodia doing research for my movie 3.50 as well as my non-profit projects. On one of my trips there that year, the weather was scorching hot and I started to notice patches on my skin. I didn’t know what it was at that time and I remember being slightly concerned as to what was going on. I immediately went to see a dermatologist when I returned to Singapore and she told me it was eczema. Following which, I went through a period figuring out what exactly I could or could not use on my face and body. I found out after some experimentation that it was not only what I used as a moisturiser but also what I used to shower as well. I guess what was important for me was to find out how to deal with it so that I could move on. I still have eczema and I do have occasional outbreaks, depending on the climate. The most important thing is I know how to deal with it now and know what to use to try and prevent it.

What are your top 3 beauty secrets?
#1 Since I was young, you can hear my mum screaming “Eunice drink water!” My
mum still insists I drink tons of warm water and I think that’s generally good for
your entire body. I try to drink at least 2 litres of water everyday.

#2 Exercise. Perspiration does wonders for my skin and helps with good blood
circulation and removes toxins from your body.

#3 Eat well. What you eat will show on your skin.

What does beauty mean to you?
There are so many things that I see in people that is beautiful. I love my team in
Cambodia and I see them reaching out and helping so many people in the rural
communities unconditionally. They always have a way of winning people’s hearts and
I think that is truly beautiful. I see the way my tuktuk driver speaks about his wife and
when I meet her and even though she can’t speak English and I can’t speak khmer, her
eyes say everything to me. They are such beautiful people and it radiates from them
everytime I meet them. I see mums and how they look at their children, and the love
that comes through from that is something I find really beautiful.

What advice do you have for women who are battling with skin issues?
I really cannot pretend I understand what women or men with skin issues go through.
I have eczema but I know it’s not the worst thing to live with. From my own experience,
all I can say is get the right help. Go to a doctor or a dermatologist who can help
diagnose the problem and find the right products that suit you.

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