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best beauty hack for exfoliating your lips on the go

I have extremely dry lips on any given day…it’s an ongoing curse. While they may feel incredibly moisturised when I wake up (thanks to a good overnight lip mask), they tend to start flaking by the time I’ve reached the office. This could largely be due to the fact that I am in general less hydrated than average (one of those fancy body weighing scales told me I have less than 50 percent water in me), but nevertheless I’m constantly looking for great lip balms or treatments.

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In addition to my unfortunately flaky lips, I also really love a good matte lipstick. But as anyone who loves matte lips will know, they can be extra unforgiving if you have dry patches on your lips, and will often proceed to dry your lips out further. This is absolutely not the instagrammable look we’re all after. Darn you hydration!

I’ve tried a few decent lip scrubs, but for the most part they’re a tad messy and not quite fuss-free enough to bust out at your desk during the day.

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The solution?

Exfoliating makeup wipes! 

Some brands have variations of makeup wipes that have a rougher surface for exfoliating your face. They’re usually smooth on one side and rough on the other, so you can be gentle with the more delicate areas of your face (never scrub around your eyes!).

A few months ago, Sephora released its range of cleansing wipes, milks, gels, and waters, where I discovered that both the Charcoal and Green Tea makeup wipes were exfoliating ones.  

best beauty hack for exfoliating your lips on the go - sephora singapore  exfoliating wipes

I’ve had the Charcoal pack on my desk at work for a while, and when I first tried it, I was surprised by just how rough the exfoliating side was. I had to be super gentle when using it on my face, and even then, I limited scrubbing to the tougher or more problematic areas like my nose, forehead or chin.

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But I digress – let me set the scene for you, for my previous dry lip woes. I was getting ready to head out for an event one afternoon and my lips were in pretty bad shape with the dryness and flaking. I was desperately wishing I had a good lip scrub with me when I remembered the rough exfoliating wipes and reached for them. A moment of madness, or genius? Read on!

I’ll admit an entire sheet of the stuff is really way too much for a quick lip scrub, but it worked like an absolute dream. I didn’t need a lot of pressure to get rid of the dead skin and the wipe got rid of EVERY bit of flaking, leaving my lips incredibly smooth. It was quite frankly wayyyyy more effective than most lip scrubs I’ve used, not to mention mess-free and really quick. All the typical laborious fuss and nonsense just wasn’t there – no wiping off the scrub with a damp cloth, no bits of sugar getting in your mouth, no downside whatsoever.

(So messy!)

The only problem now was figuring out how to reduce the amount of waste and the bulk of the makeup wipes. I figure all you really need is to get yourself a smaller travel container for it, and cut up some of the wipes into smaller squares to fill that container. You should make sure your hands and the scissors are clean before doing any of that of course and work fast to preserve the moisture of the wipes, but imagine the space and money a little DIY effort will save you.

One packet of 25 wipes is 10 dollars, so if you managed to cut each sheet up into even 10 decent sized pieces, that’s 250 times you can scrub your lips, anywhere you are, for a total of 10 bucks.

Pro tip: If the wipes feel a little dry, you can always apply lip balm to your lips as an emollient before going in with the exfoliating wipes!


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