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Imagine what it feels like to have a good hair day every day. How on earth is that possible with Singapore’s stifling weather? We hear you ask. While it’s true that the sun and humidity can affect how your hair looks, it isn’t the only thing you should be worried about. 

Most of us love trying out different hairstyles and colours, and the products you put in our hair impact the condition of your mane too. Stress is another thing that can influence the health of your hair. 

We totally understand the struggle of having an itchy scalp or, worse still, powdery flakes falling everywhere when you scratch your head. With the right haircare routine, it doesn’t need to be a battle you have to fight every single day.

It’s often said that you have to go to the root of the issue (pun fully intended!) to fix any problem and, in this case, it’s your scalp. The condition of your hair depends on your scalp health. How come? Because each strand of your hair grows from a follicle located on the surface of your scalp. 

Your scalp also produces sebum or oil, which keeps it moisturised and protects it from infection. But your scalp can become dehydrated or sensitised when exposed to things like chemicals in hair products or harsh hair treatments like perms. And, if you’re an avid swimmer, chlorine from the pool could irritate it too. 

Scalp issues that lead to dandruff, atopic dermatitis or other related conditions affect how shiny your hair is and how easily it breaks. A scalp that isn’t healthy could also lead to hair loss. 

When buying hair products, it’s natural to look for those that give you lustrous locks or tame your frizz, for example. However, what you should be looking for are products that soothe your scalp. Don’t wait till your scalp is damaged to start looking after it, take preventive action now. 

One haircare hack you can easily incorporate into your routine is double cleansing. This involves shampooing twice – once to remove any product, dirt and oil in your hair, and then to properly clean your scalp and remove any remaining residue. And the key is to do this with the right products, because some shampoo formulations are too harsh for double cleansing and may strip the scalp of its natural moisture.

The PHS HAIRSCIENCE ADV Signature Daily Regime is specially formulated to effectively treat scalp and hair concerns in three simple steps – double cleanse, moisturise and treat. 

Step 1: Shampoo to remove dead skin cells and atmospheric pollutants 

ADV Nutrition Shampoo (200ml, $48/1000ml, $210) is the first essential step, as it removes sebum and dirt while deep-cleansing your scalp to unclog hair follicles. It also improves your scalp’s barrier functions and strengthens its defence against oxidative damage and inflammation. As a result, your scalp is purified and provides a strong foundation for healthy hair. 

Step 2: Shampoo again to clean scalp and remove residue 

The next step of your double cleanse is ADV Soothe Shampoo (200ml, $48/1000ml, $210), a gentle scalp shampoo that keeps its natural protective barrier intact. It also strengthens your scalp’s natural defence against inflammation, while calming and relieving any irritation. 

Step 3: Replenish and boost scalp health with conditioner and tonic 

It’s not just about the double scalp cleanse though, it’s crucial to follow up with treatments that replenish and hydrate your hair. Include ADV Nutrition Conditioner (200ml, $48) in your post-shampoo care and your silkier locks will thank you for the added moisture. It contains botanical stem cells to reconstruct ruffled hair cuticles, leaving hair smooth and tangle-free. 

Use ADV Soothe Tonic (100ml, $108) on towel-dried scalp daily for immediate relief to scalp itching, redness or swelling. It restores scalp balance and strengthens its immune system to protect against inflammation. It also improves blood circulation, which is essential for scalp health and strong hair roots. 

Take your scalp care to the next level by adding ADV Soothe Scalp Mask (200g, $120) to your weekly regimen. This intensely-hydrating mask contains a soothing symphony of botanical actives and complexes that work to reduce inflammation and relieve irritation, itching and discomfort. Plus, it inhibits scalp sensitivity and regulates scalp microflora to reduce flare-ups.

With the right treatments and care, bad hair days are a thing of the past.  

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