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Touche Eclat

Ask actresses, models and make-up artists the world over what their number one beauty staple is and they will give you one answer: Touche Éclat.

Women everywhere have come to rely on the luminous miracle worker by Yves Saint Laurent, with many refusing to leave the house before applying the must-have product.

With one sold every ten seconds since its launch in 1991, the beauty classic is one of history’s truly revolutionary inventions and millions of women are thanking the late Monsieur Laurent for his creation every day.

Just over 20 years ago, the French fashion house put together a magic formula with the sole purpose of illuminating the face.

In a market dominated by chalky foundations and sticky concealer, YSL’s slinky light-reflecting cosmetic easily stood out as a multi-tasking wonder product.

Thanks to the use of pigments that allow the light to bounce off the wearer’s skin, dark under-eye circles appear instantly brightened, cheekbones enhanced and skin radiant – a winning formula that has kept the product at the top of the beauty charts for over two decades.

Used in the right areas, the golden highlighter pen magics away signs of ageing and fatigue and helps to sculpt a catwalk-worthy bone structure. It can even create the illusion of fuller lips!

While there have been reports that the woman who invented the Touche Éclat took the original formula with her when she left the company, forcing YSL to put together a slightly different version of the product, the rumours remain unconfirmed.

And with growing demand all over the world, last year Yves Saint Laurent introduced additional shades to bring the total number of available hues to ten.

So it comes as no surprise that the Parisian label’s beauty team has been building on the success of the Touche Éclat highlighter by creating an accompanying foundation. Available in 22 shades, Le Teint Touche Éclat incorporates oils and moisturising agents to nourish skin as well as conceal imperfections. Designed to work with the original illuminator, YSL’s creative director of make-up, Lloyd Simmonds, has described the two products as the “perfect duo”.

He has previously admitted there is pressure to create a new cosmetics sensation as popular as the indomitable highlighter.

“To find a new, iconic product – like Touche Éclat – there will need to be new scientific discoveries. Blue is always blue, it’s how it’s delivered. I think new textures are the way forward, and that’s what I’m focusing on at YSL,” he told – © Cover Media

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