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With global warming, this summer seems to be one of the hottest in history, with temperatures in India soaring past the 50 deg C mark earlier this month. And while the situation isn’t as extreme here in Singapore, the heat has been pretty unrelenting despite the scattered thunderstorms in recent weeks.

If you find dark spots appearing on your face, or feel that your skin looks a bit duller despite piling on the sunscreen and using the same skincare products, you may not be imagining things. Turns out, heat stimulates melanin production, which leads to hyperpigmentation, according to skincare research done by Korean beauty brand Laneige. Plus, if your skin is sensitive, you may even get rashes or skin inflammation that cause itchiness.

Long story short, you need to bring the temperature down by cooling your skin, as that would circumvent these issues. One way to do this is to keep a facial mist handy.

These nifty skincare products help bring down temperatures immediately while refreshing your senses. But because facial mists don’t do very much more than that, they are not what you would look for when you need more intensive skin nourishment. So if you’re looking for skincare products that pack a heavier punch in the cooling and moisturisation department, try these six instead: