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One of the worst things about cellulite is that it does not discriminate. It can affect anyone, regardless of weight and height. Even ultra-glamorous celebrities, fitness enthusiasts and top models aren’t spared. 

Cellulite, surprisingly, is not caused by an excess of fat but by subcutaneous adipose tissue. While it is still a type of fat, cellulite is actually hypodermal fat, which is found within the skin (unlike under-the-skin subcutaneous fat). And the dimpled appearance of cellulite – commonly seen on the buttocks and thighs – is caused by the fat cells pushing up against the skin over the fibrous connective tissue bands that sit just below the skin’s surface. 

Unfortunately, cellulite isn’t caused by just one factor. A few factors contribute to the problem – one’s age, gender, BMI, poor circulation (too much time spent sitting at your desk), genetics (speed of metabolism and distribution of fat) and poor diet (eating too much food that’s high in fat, carbohydrates and salt). Unfortunately for women, cellulite affects them more than it affects men, due to the difference in our bodies’ physiological makeup.

Cellulite myths busted

While we might be able to immobilise an expression line, fill in a wrinkle or lift sagging facial features, getting rid of cellulite is often much trickier. 

The good news, though, is that help is at hand. We shed light on some common cellulite treatment myths:

Does dry brushing help?

Fact: Dry brushing can help a little because it promotes circulation. Essentially, dry brushing is a combination of exfoliation and massage in which you move a firm-bristled brush across the body in slow circular motions, paying particular attention to the lower half. This not only removes dead skin cells to smooth and soften the surface, it also encourages improved circulation to flush out waste.

Will fat freezing work?

Fact: While the non-invasive treatment of fat freezing is meant to target stubborn pockets of fat via controlled temperatures, it cannot  minimise the appearance of cellulite. “This treatment can only freeze fat, but may not improve the adhesions and tension among the fibrous tissues. So it is less useful for treating cellulite,” explains Dr Ivan Puah, medical director of Amaris B Clinic, who has been treating patients with stubborn fat pockets and cellulite for more than 15 years.  

Can a lymphatic massage help?

Fact: Like dry brushing, this is only a temporary solution. The benefits of a lymphatic massage include helping to move excess fluids, toxins and waste from the legs, preventing them from solidifying within the fat cells, and thus reducing the appearance of cellulite. 

Will VASER Lipo help?

FACT: A fat removal treatment designed to be clinically safe and effective, VASER Lipo uses ultrasound energy to break up stubborn fat without disturbing the surrounding tissues. And while it does not solely target cellulite, it is able to indirectly lessen its appearance. “This procedure can remove fat effectively and break up adhesions that result in dimpling and cellulite. When combined with skin-tightening treatments such as Ultherapy, cellulite can be improved and treated effectively,” says Dr Ivan Puah. 

The low-down on HYPOXI

After considering all the aforementioned options, if you decide that what you want is something non-invasive that promises fast and effective results,  HYPOXI might be the solution. 

Developed by Austrian sports scientist Dr Norbert Egger, HYPOXI is believed to be perfect for anyone looking to get rid of their cellulite, whether you’re someone who hardly exercises, are deskbound, or are a new mum. This non-invasive treatment combines low-impact exercise with patented vacuum and compression technologies to target areas of your body that have the weakest circulation. This stimulates the body’s natural fat-burning system by what is said to be up to three times more than regular exercise, diminishing the appearance of cellulite at the same time. 

Personalised based on your condition, the treatment starts with 20 minutes on a HYPOXI-Dermology Comforter (HDC), on which you lie comfortably while dressed in a special suit. HDC helps to improve micro blood circulation, stimulates lymphatic drainage, and gets rid of build- up toxins and waste from your body. Then you spend 30 minutes on the Hypoxi training machine, peddling at a moderate rate, while the vacuum and compression technology further supercharges your blood circulation, targeting cellulite as well as stubborn fat in the lower half of your body. 

The best bit? It’s so comfortable and easy that you can even catch up on the latest episode of your favourite sitcom while doing it (Netflix, anyone?) or even finally succeed in completing that challenging level on your mobile game.

So, all you need is 50 minutes for your skin to feel smoother, improve your overall blood circulation, and reduce the appearance of pesky, unsightly cellulite. 

For more information, contact 91278761 or to book a slot. 

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