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Singapore actress Rebecca Lim spoke about her skin concerns and shared her top travel beauty tips at the launch of SK-II’s R.N.A. Power. Image: SK-II

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt from celebrities – we’re counting silver screen queens Cate Blanchett and Tang Wei, as well as local starlet Rebecca Lim in this list – it is that beautiful skin requires consistent care, especially when you’re always on the go.

The three, SK-II ambassadors or not, have undeniably beautiful skin and have long dished out travel beauty tips that involve the frequent use of a hydrating mist. Cate has even gone so far as to put on a sheet mask while she’s on the plane. All this is to prevent dehydrated, dull and sagging skin that comes with frequent traveling.


These effects that us jet-setting Singaporeans are so familiar with are similar to the signs of skin ageing, says SK-II. And the key to battling them lies within the firmness of the skin. Simply put, we need to “lift” sagging skin to minimise the appearance of elongated pores and plump it to improve the look of fine lines and wrinkles. The brand says that only then can we achieve “flawless skin from every angle”.

It’s latest upgrade to its anti-ageing range – which consists of an essence and a moisturiser – called the Radical New Age Power (or R.N.A. Power for short) aims to do this. The new ingredient, called the Pitera x Radical New Age Complex, is said to work on skin cells at every layer of the skin to influence the healthy synthesis of protein, such as collagen and elastin which are essential for firm skin.

The promise? A rather lofty one of smaller pores (yes, mine and every humid city dweller’s dream) within the first day of use and an improved appearance of the 10 common signs of ageing within 10 days.

To put these claims to the test, I used the essence and cream just after returning from my third trip in two months. The constant traveling made my skin dull, dehydration lines showed and it felt uncomfortably tight – I needed help in hydrating and plumping the skin. 

The essence has a milky gel-like texture that transforms into a watery fluid as you massage it into your skin.

The essence, which I used a full pump of twice a day, had a gel-like texture that instantly transforms into a watery fluid, allowing it to be absorbed quickly into the skin. Only a 10-cent coin sized dollop of the cream was enough for my entire face. It felt comfortable on my combination, mid-20s skin and makeup went on easily right after.

While moisturising, the cream feels light on the skin and is a great base for makeup.

What I was most impressed with was how quickly it worked to hydrate the skin and even out apparent dehydration lines within a day. And because of this plumping effect, my pores looked smaller.

After 10 days, my skin felt healthier. The glow that I got from using these two products however, is not so much a K-Beauty type, all-out radiant glow, but rather a subtle one that makes me look like I had eight hours of sleep, even if I didn’t.

So if you’re concerned about premature ageing and are looking to start on a proper anti-ageing routine, this is one skincare range worth considering. But if I have to pinpoint which product I liked better in the range, it would be the cream, simply because of how good a balance it struck between being effective yet lightweight in humid weather. Of course, if you have oily skin, using just one of the two items may be sufficient (and also cost effective).

While I can’t speak for the effects of these products for mature skin types with multiple skin ageing concerns. You may have to incorporate other treatment products – masks, gentle peels or retinol – for a well-rounded anti-ageing routine, as this only works on improving skin firmness, and not problems like pigmentation.

SK-II R.N.A. Power essence and cream, $156 for 30ml and $149 for 50g, is available at all SK-II counters

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