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Brow wigs may be the craziest thing we’ve seen so far b1.png

Entomophobics, relax! Those aren’t caterpillars crawling across Cara’s face © Showbit 

We’ve suffered from recurring dreams about being doused by hair-spouting showerheads (armchair shrinks, analyse this), so when we stumbled upon this new offering on the weird wildlands of the Internet, it was quite literally akin to having our worst night terrors come alive on screen.          

This hirsute horror has been quietly making the rounds on the virtual beauty community, so we feel it’s our duty to foist it upon your consciousness as well. Available for international shipping via e-commerce site Alibaba, these so-called lacefront brows work on much the same principle as their head counterparts.

Now, if you’re a Real Housewives of Atlanta junkie, you’ll know that a “lacefront” is wig vernacular for faux hair sewn into a latticed base. The wig wearer wraps a flesh-coloured cap around her skull, then fastens the mock mane with any number of bobby pins, glue or tape for instant society lady glamour.

Brow wigs may be the craziest thing we’ve seen so far b3.jpg

The fake brows appear to be fudged together from strands of human hair woven into an eyebrow-shaped lace piece. (Crucial caveat: The seller says each piece is handmade in China; make of that what you will.)

Somewhat disquietingly, we’ll also note that there’s scant detail on how to slap them on, so we’re going with the assumption that you have to use some sort of adhesive or other to fix them in place. Ouch.

To be fair, the air of gimmicky Halloween prop-ness surrounding this “trend” is mitigated by the very genuine needs of the follicularly challenged; we can conceive of chemotherapy patients or alopecia survivors benefiting enormously from this service, for instance.   

Come to think of it, this seemingly cuckoo contraption gets less crazy by the minute, when we consider the bizarre bazaar of hair-related paraphernalia available on mainstream beauty aisles.

Brow gels, mascara, falsies, semi-permanent extensions, merkins … indeed, the advent of these mini wigs can probably be seen as taking the all-consuming K-Beauty craze for caterpillar brows to its (il)logical conclusion. The only question left asking, we suppose, is this: Would you?