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Best Soothing Facial

Eternelle V Aesthetic Clinic & Medispa Sensitive SRC Stress-Balance Treatment


It seems easy enough: Need a facial, book a facial, get a facial. But the process is more tedious when you have sensitive skin, or are suffering from sensitivity conditions like eczema. Why? Because anything done to sensitive skin can cause an unpleasant reaction. So, people with sensitive skin often skip facials.

Every complexion, however, deserves a pampering facial that dives deep into the pores to remove gunk, improves circulation with soothing massages, and strengthens the skin barrier with powerful but soothing antioxidant serums. The Sensitive SRC Stress-Balance Treatment by Eternelle V Aesthetic Clinic & Medispa delivers all that.


Using products from Swiss skincare brand Declare, which is known for its ultracalming formulations, the facial is designed to alleviate sensitivity and redness while improving the skin barrier.

Declare’s soothing serums are developed by burn skin specialists who research and create patented ingredients for effective skin recovery, including what goes into the brand’s award-winning Anti-Irritation Serum. Powered by a unique patented SRC complex, this soothing serum is applied after extraction is done. Ultrasound energy is then used to enhance skin regeneration and boost collagen production for improved firmness. The treatment continues with an ampoule, soothing mask, eye cream, face cream and finally, a sunscreen from Skinceuticals.

Another plus:
All Declare skincare ingredients are derived from plants, so the facial is said to be suitable for pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers and vegans. It is also a calming, balancing and strengthening treatment for eczema sufferers, and works as a post-laser aftercare treatment to promote skin healing.

Eternelle-V Anti Irritation Serum

$290 for 120min. Visit #13-10/11 Royal Square at Novena, tel: 6732-3839. Website:



Enjoy the Sensitive SRC Stress-Balance Treatment at an introductory price of $128 (UP $290). This includes a pre-facial mind-calming ritual, eyebrow grooming as well as a shoulder-and-hand massage. Valid until Aug 31, 2019.