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Photography: Zaphs Zhang / Styling: Sharmaine Khor

1. Lancome Absolue Precious Cells Revitalizing Care – Silky Cream, $395

Calms inflammation and reportedly repairs skin

Rose – known for its anti-inflammatory and reparative properties – is the main ingredient in this luxurious cream, which feels like cool satin on first contact with skin, then dries to a velvety, matte finish when fully absorbed.

2. Haach Diamond Day & Night Elixir Cream, $220

Brightens and plumps skin

This moisturiser has potent ingredients such as dang gui, a Chinese herb said to improve blood circulation, and kwao krua kao, a herb indigenous to Thailand that reportedly boosts collagen production and reduces the look of wrinkles. I applied a light layer of the cream before heading to bed and woke up the next morning with a glowing, healthy- looking complexion.

3. Bottega Verde Straordinaria Cream, $79.90

Boosts luminosity and purportedly improves elasticity

Expect plump, radiant and hydrated skin with continued use of this cream, which has a host of botanical ingredients, including argan and sweet almond oils. We’re big fans of its innovative packaging: the airless pot not only helps keep the actives stable, it also has a raised area on the seal that lets you control the amount of product dispensed.

4. Ioma Creme Sublime Revitalisante, $270

Reduces skin sensitivity and hydrates

This souffle-like cream reportedly mimics how young skin works by improving moisture retention and strengthening the skin barrier to reduce inflammation while protecting against free radicals. The rich cream takes a while to absorb, so take the opportunity to give yourself a gentle facial massage.


This story was originally published in the March 2016 issue of Her World magazine.