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anti-frizz hair products

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For those who don’t live in the tropics all year round, fighting frizz is only a temporary beauty dilemma when they’re headed for some fun in the sun during the summer months. However, we know that struggle all too well. Thanks to the high humidity in the air, moisture in surrounding air enters the hair shaft, causing it to swell unevenly, which leads to frizzy locks. Factor in the frequent use of heated styling tools and chemical processes and yes you guessed it, your hair becomes even more prone to frizz.

Luckily, anti-frizz products are everywhere so you’re never out of options, regardless of whether you like to shop at drug stores or at professional salons. But here’s the catch: with the sheer variety of products available, it can be easy to think that certain products because you bought something ill-suited for your hair type or hair texture. Plus, more often than not, when you feel like a certain anti-frizz product feels too oily or is weighing your hair down, it could simply be due to the fact that you used too much product.

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Photo: kerastase_official / Instagram

As a guideline, you only need a 5-cent coin amount of serum if you have a chin-length bob or shorter, and up to two to three pumps of serum if you have hair that’s longer than your shoulders. Those with fine hair also require a lot less product than those with thick and coarse hair. It is also important to avoid your scalp as frizz-fighting products can cause it to produce excessive sebum.

That said, don’t be afraid to try serums or hair oils for fear that these textures will weigh hair down. As long as you stick to the right amount, many serums and oils are made with extracts derived from botanical oils which not only help smooth hair cuticles on the surface but are also able to penetrate into hair shaft to repair and strengthen tresses to improve hair resilience over time. Here, the 11 most effective must-haves to combat frizz no matter what your hair type is are: