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“A pair of well-groomed arches can frame your face and bring out your features even when you’re not wearing much makeup. Whether you decide to shave, tweeze, thread or wax your eyebrows, tame your strays at least three days before your big event to quell any redness or irritation. 

Compared to other hair removal techniques, waxing offers the most precision and does a great job of getting rid of peach fuzz around the brow area. 

Team it with a time-saving brow tint (I get mine done at Benefit’s Brow Bar) to define, shape, volumise and even darken (or lighten depending on your preference and hair colour) your eyebrows. The treatment itself is relatively quick (under an hour) and with brows bars in the majority of Sephora outlets, you can have your brows waxed and tinted in your lunch break or whilst you’re doing your Lunar New Year shopping.

You can also invest in a nourishing scalp treatment. PHS HAIRSCIENCE is second to none when it comes to revitalising tired locks and an overloaded scalp. Its MSC-NANOGOLD+ Scalp Reprogramming Treatment utilises mesenchymal stem cells and pure colloidal gold to invigorate sluggish follicles and create an optimal environment to promote hair growth. You’ll also be treated to a pampering blowout. Trust me, you’ll get compliments everywhere you go. 

The Spring Festival celebrations call for glowing skin. Book yourself in for a skin-brightening facial before your parties and gatherings to mask any signs of overindulgence to come. MZ Skin Light-Therapy Golden Facial Treatment (offered at Avenue on 3) uses luxurious potent formulas from the doctor-led brand to stimulate skin inside and out. If your skin is prone to breaking out under pressure, kick off the festive season with a Barrier Booster + Facial from Porcelain Spa. Your skin will be treated to nourishing and fortifying ceramides and lipids. As a parting step, a shiatsu facial massage depuffs and breathes life back into stressed-out skin.

Around festive season, everyone tends to get a little snap-happy. To look your best in these photos, consider Kogao Small Face Correction deep tissue facial massage at Ideka Spa. Your face will be kneaded, pulled and swept into perfection. Created by a Japanese chiropractor, the treatment is said to enhance blood and oxygen supply, stimulate collagen production and ease wrinkle-causing muscle tension. Your facial muscles might feel sore for a few days after the treatment (just like after an intensive gym session) but you’ll definitely notice a difference in terms of the definition of your face and clarity of your skin. 

February can get hectic with all the spring cleaning and festive shopping. Try to set aside some relaxation time ahead of the CNY celebrations. Book yourself in for a massage to soothe tired muscles and iron out kinks. For a no frills, yet invigorating rubdown, look no further than Oasis Nails Spa (located on the fifth floor of Ngee Ann City). Spa services run the gamut from eyebrow embroidery to manicures.

In the lead up to CNY, there are pineapple tarts, love letters and shrimp rolls a plenty. It might feel impossible to escape the inevitable festive weight gain. To maintain your figure, consider incorporating a body contouring treatment in your beauty prep. Cheryl W‘s WonderSculpt, for instance, uses High‐Intensity Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEM) coupled with Radio Frequency (RF) technology to melt fat and build muscles.

Now, all you need is your statement-making outfit.” 

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