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You’ve probably read extensively on cleansers and moisturisers – after all, you might think no other skincare product is as important as those two. But toner is just as important in your skincare regime.


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It helps to maintain your skin’s pH balance and preps it for other skincare products you’ll be using. Here are seven toner hacks you ought to know to boost your skin’s absorption rate.



Use toner on your neck to get rid of dead skin cells

One of the most neglected areas in skincare is your neck, so if you’re looking to improve its appearance, be sure to apply some toner onto it to brighten your skin.


Put it in the fridge 

Just before using your toner, pop it in the fridge for about 10 to 15 minutes. A cold toner always helps to reduce redness and puffiness.


Get yourself a more even tan

If you’re into self-tanning products, use toner after each application so that it glides on more easily and applies more evenly.




Apply toner before a mask to boost skin’s absorption rate

Toner can help to prep the skin and boost the absorption rate of your skin cells so your masks works more effectively.


A toner with witch hazel can calm blemishes 

Toners with ingredients such as witch hazel and those with calming properties like aloe vera can help calm and soothe skin. Simply add a cotton pad saturated with the toner on the affected area and let it work its magic for one to two minutes.




Use a spray bottle

A spray bottle minimal wastage and helps you distribute the product more evenly on your face. Pat the toner onto your skin and leave it on for a while, to absorb the goodness.


Gently exfoliate your lips with toner

Gently scrub your lips with a toothbrush, use a toner to prep it for lipstick application. Simply sweep some across your lips with a cotton pad and then flip to a fresh side to gently exfoliate.


This story first appeared on Singapore Women’s Weekly, print April 2017.