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Teresa Lim & Tan Yang Er

Have you ever stopped to wonder what Beauty From Your Culture means? 

‘Beauty From Your Culture’ is a global campaign by Korean luxury beauty brand Sulwhasoo that celebrates every fibre of that. 

Known for their pursuit of holistic approach to beauty from the inside out, another one of Sulwhasoo’s core beliefs is that tradition and modernity need to co-exist in order for culture to have true value and meaning.

This is why the Korean luxury beauty brand has undertaken the cultural patronage of putting together the Sulwha Cultural Exhibition annually to demonstrate their commitment to traditional culture and heritage.

Now in its 12th edition, the annual Sulwha Cultural Exhibition, held yearly in Seoul, South Korea, has been partnering Korean artists and craftsmen, to create pieces of art based on a specified theme. Each year, the theme for the Sulwha Cultural Exhibition is inspired by traditional Korean folklore, yet interpreted with a modern take. Through the exhibition, the brand wants to create an encounter between tradition and modernity, bringing younger generations closer to the tradition.


The chosen theme for 2018 is ‘Fortune Land: Kim Bak’ where Kim Bak means gold leaf in Korean. It celebrates the classical art and beauty of the gold leaf reinvented through modern design.

The exhibition will held at Dosan Park and Sulwhasoo flagship store in Seoul from Oct 12, 2018 through till the end of the year. It will feature the work of gold leaf master Kim Deokhwan, along with contemporary interpretations such as space design, fashion, food and architecture. If you are travelling to the city soon, be sure to visit.

Sulwhasoo’s ‘Beauty From Your Culture’ campaign spans six countries – namely Korea, China, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore.

In Singapore, two limited edition ‘Beauty From Your Culture’ sets, inspired by the gold leaf design, will be on sale for the month of October. Proceeds from the sale of these limited edition skincare sets will go to a designated local beneficiary to promote the preservation of culture. The charity beneficiary appointed this year is the Asian Civilisations Museum (ACM), which is on a mission to preserve the rich artistic heritage of Asia, especially the ancestral cultures of Singaporeans. 

As part of their commitment to the preservation of cultural heritage in Singapore, Sulwhasoo has pledged a minimum contribution of $10,000 from the sales of the two ‘Beauty From Your Culture’ limited edition sets. The brand will donate $10 with every purchase of the Perfecting Cushion EX Set ($80), and $20 with every purchase of the First Care Activating Serum EX Set ($115).

And since Sulwhasoo has always been about championing tradition and modernity. We asked two emerging local artists their thoughts on what Beauty From Your Culture means to them and the importance of preserving art. 

Creating Legacy 

Teresa Lim, 28, is an embroidery artist and illustrator. And if you follow her on Instagram, you would remember photographs of her needlework juxtaposed against cities, buildings or structures. But that’s not all, she does lovely embroidery portraits too that are as realistic as can be. Follow her as she spends a day at the ACM and shares her thoughts on the importance of preserving art. 

Deepening Roots 

Meet Tan Yang Er, a 25-year-old multi-disciplinary artist and photographer who creates immersive and sensorial experiences through art and installation. One of her notable works includes Bejeweled, an art installation showcased at New Majestic Hotel last year as part of “Multiply: A Majestic Playground” presented by Keepers x Straits Clan. While her works might look modern, Bejeweled, for example, was inspired by the Chinese character 玩 (“play”). 

Find out what Yang Er thinks about her Asian roots and what ‘Beauty From Your Culture’ means to her as she spends a day at the ACM. 

Sulwhasoo ‘Beauty From Your Culture’ limited edition sets will be available at all Sulwhasoo boutiques and counters from Sept 27 onwards, while stocks last.

Video credits:

Videography: Andrew Lim 

Stylist: Angela Chu

Makeup: Rina Sim using Sulwhasoo makeup 

Hair: Desmond Yap 

Outfits: Forever 21