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It’s hard to believe that a little egg-shaped sponge could have such a huge impact in the beauty world. 

The Beautyblender was created by founder Rea Ann Silva, who wanted to find a way to make foundation look good on high definition television.

Now that we have perfectly blended foundation, you’d think that we’d be happy. But there are just three little problems. How do you store your Beautyblenders and bring them along with you when you travel? How do you clean your sponge in a pinch? And how do you blend powder makeup seamlessly into the skin?

It seems Beautyblender have heard our calls and launched the Beauty Defender, a protective case for our beloved hot pink makeup tool; Instaclean, a non-rinse cleansing spray to lift surface stains on your Beauty Blender and Powder Pocket Puff, a makeup applicator made specifically to buff, set and blend powder makeup.

Read on to find out more about the new additions to the brand.


Power Pocket Puff ($24)

A new reiteration of the Beautyblender sponge, this Power Pocket Puff is an update on the standard powder puff that often comes packaged with your favourite powder compact.

The brand’s signature teardrop shape trumps the typical round powder puffs because it allows you to get to the hard-to-reach parts of your face like the sides of your nose. It also offer precision to chisel cheekbones,bake concealer and set makeup.

The plush pink side helps to grab and deposit just the right amount of powder that can be buffed and dispersed. The tan, buffed, suede side can be used to touch-up makeup so you get a smooth, soft and even finish.

You can also slide the finger band over your fingers for easy application or slide your fingers into the pockets for a precision grip so you can contour and blend to your heart’s content with the rounded tip.

To clean your power pocket puff, hand wash the puff with some running water and puff detergent.


Available for purchase at Sephora, and from 1 September 2018.

Instaclean ($26)

I don’t know about you, but one of my biggest beauty conundrum when I first got the Beautyblender was, how should I clean this?

Like with any other makeup applicator, the Beautyblender will definitely accumulate product residue with time. Consistency is key when it comes to preventing a gradual build-up of foundation and pesky bacteria.

For blemish-free skin, it’s best to clean your Beautyblender after every use. That said, who has time for cleaning your makeup sponges after every use? Enter the brand’s new brush and sponge cleaner.

Like a dry shampoo for your tresses, the Instaclean spray refreshes your Beautyblender and brushes when you don’t have time for a deep cleanse. It is formulated with an alcohol-free and no-rinse formula that lifts surface stains and allows you to easily transition from foundation to blusher and everything in between.

To use, spray directly onto the sponge or brush before sweeping the tool on a piece of tissue or towel to remove residue.


Available for purchase at Sephora, and


Beauty Defender ($20)

Now that you’ve perfected your sponge cleaning technique, you don’t really want your oblong shaped Beautyblender to roll around in your makeup bag and get covered in a mixture of black eyeliner and lipstick or gather dust on your vanity.

The Blender Defender is a silicon case that will prevent this from happening. The clever holder will protect your Beautyblender from dirt and germs while travelling. It also has a ventilated design that allows for air circulation so your sponge can dry properly. The size of the case means it can either store two dry blenders, or one wet blender.


Available for purchase at Sephora, and