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Beauty benefits of Epsom saltsIf bouncy hair, a clear complexion and a buffed body sound appealing, you might want to go retro and stock up on 17th century fave, Epsom salts.

The salts’ healing properties were revealed in the early 17th century when a farmer living near Epsom, Surrey, discovered a spring rich in magnesium sulphate.

And thanks to a celebrity following, which includes Gwyneth Paltrow, Victoria Beckham and Miranda Kerr, they’re now being hailed as a miracle fix for everything from greasy hair to a bloated stomach and lacklustre skin.

If it’s lustrous locks you’re after, the salts will soak up excess oil from the hair. Just add a handful when you shampoo and wash as normal.

The Epsom Salt Council recommends combining one part hair conditioner with one part Epsom salts.

Warm the mixture in a pan and work it through the hair. Leave on for 20 minutes and then rinse.

Hair will look fuller and feel softer, and the minerals will help to repair and strengthen heat-damaged ends. It’s particularly good for smoothing frizz out of curls.

Meanwhile, rubbing your skin with the salts removes dead skin cells and promotes healing and rejuvenation.

Massage handfuls of salts over wet skin, starting with the feet and working upwards towards the face and then have a bath to rinse.

The magnesium can also help reduce cellulite as it draws toxins and fluids from the skin.

You can also apparently use them to ease an overloaded or poorly-functioning digestive system with an Epsom salt bath.