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We’ve all had them before and unfortunately we’ll probably have one again: a dreaded bad hair day. Sometimes, no matter how well we treat our locks, they just won’t go our way. When no amount of straightening or brushing can sort the issue, it can seem like you only have one option: crawl back into bed. As distressing as a bad ‘do might be, it’s unfortunately not a valid reason to skip work and hang out with your Friends box set instead. But when a hat isn’t considered acceptable office wear, what’s a girl to do? Here are our top tips for unruly manes.

Frightful fringes|
Some days your fringe will just gracefully fall into place and look like something Taylor Swift would be envious of. Sadly, those days are few and far between and usually coincide with evenings when the only thing you have planned is a takeout and TV. At times when you really need your fringe to cooperate, it’s more likely to be sticking up at all angles. The solution: a quiff. The best way to go here is fringe free, so gather it up and lightly backcomb the bottom layer of hair. Once you’ve got enough volume, use small grips in the same colour as your hair to pin it in place. Super-hold hairspray should stop even the most unruly fringes from escaping. Alternatively, a cute headband can be used to sweep it off your face.

Greasy locks
Everyone’s been there – you had one too many after-work drinks and just haven’t made it up in time to wash your hair. Straggly, limp hair is a dead giveaway you’re feeling less than fresh, but this is where dry shampoo comes to the rescue. Batiste has a great range, including some suiting to darker hair, which won’t leave a tell-tale dandruff-esque residue. Spritz some on, massage in to the roots to absorb the grease and then brush out. Your hair will instantly feel much more manageable, meaning you can now twist it into a smart up-do for work.

Frightful frizz
Frizzy hair can be one of the hardest manes to tame and a frustrating struggle every morning. Luckily there’s plenty out there to put those flyaways in their place. Only washing it every other day can help, as natural oils are good for keeping frizz at bay. TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Beautifying Oil is also great for fine, frizzy hair and can be used when locks are wet. Simply smooth on and dry and style as normal.