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Say what you want about Angelababy, but you’ll have to admit that her skin is one to admire, filter or not.

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Angelababy looking positively stunning in Coach. Image: Coach

We got a quick glimpse of the actress’ glowy complexion when she was in Singapore with Korean idol royalty TVXQ recently for the opening of the new Shilla Duty Free at Changi Airport.

Shortly after, we did an e-mail interview with the fresh-faced ambassador of the airport retail chain on her skincare must-haves and tips for a radiant complexion.

The actress also shared some personal stories on her favourite memory and the best gifts she has received from fans.

Here’s what she told us, translated from Mandarin:

Tell us about one of your favourite memories.
I was filming (we’re guessing this location) at Korea’s Jeju Island, which had beautiful scenery. But more importantly, Jeju Island’s Hallabong Oranges were delicious. Wherever I go, I’m always on the lookout for the specialty food and fruits of the area.

What’s one beauty item you can’t leave your house without?
I always bring facial masks with me. I wore a black mask on television once, and everyone was so intrigued.

You travel widely for work: How do you keep your skin in good condition despite travelling in and out of cold and humid climates?
To keep my skin moist, I’ll usually carry facial mists or facial masks. While other beauty products do help, the best thing for the skin is sufficient sleep.

What’s the one thing you’ll love to receive from your fans?
I have always been grateful for fans who send me dolls, beauty products, jewellery and all other gifts. But the ones that are most moving are the cards or letters that fans write. These are the ones that make me feel so touched.

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