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You might not know it, but salt plays an essential role in maintaining our health, thanks to its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. In fact, history has shown that salt therapy is one of the earliest forms of alternative medical treatments. During the medieval period, sick people were taken to the salt caves to recuperate. Villagers who sought refuge in the Klutert salt mine at the time of World War II were found to be free from any respiratory issues despite living in the less than ideal conditions, and salt miners have long been observed to have younger and clearer skin. 

And over the years, millions of people have visited salt mines around the world, from Poland to Ukraine and Belarus, to experience and harness the benefits of salt therapy. 

The good news: You don’t have to travel far to get these same skin and health benefits thanks to Singapore’s first salt-themed spa. Pablo Blau offers exclusive treatments in a salt room environment that has been made to resemble salt mines and caves of Eastern Europe to rejuvenate your skin and wellbeing. 

Pablo Blau

What You Can Expect 

At Pablo Blau, you’ll find treatment rooms that have been entirely coated with pharmaceutical-grade dry salt crystals. Each room is also equipped with a unique salt generator that emits negative ions and produces atmospheric salt particles to create an environment that is relaxing, allergen- and bacteria-free.

These microscopic salt particles are said to help clear congestion, and calm inflammation and irritation at the same time. Other benefits include: relieving skin woes like eczema and dermatitis; preventing illnesses like the common cold and flu; strengthening of the immune system; cleansing of the airways and even removing toxicity from the respiratory system. 

In fact, a recent study done by a team of scientists in Edinburgh found that using salt to gargle and rinse nasal passages resulted in easier breathing and better sleep, and that the presence of salt can also inhibit respiratory viruses, which is particularly useful during this pandemic.  

All it takes is just 45 minutes in one of these rooms to boost your wellbeing. According to the Pablo Blau team, having your face or body treatment done in a salt room not only enhances its results, but also provides additional healing benefits as well. 

Not sure what works best? Why not reap the best benefits with a customised facial in one of its Signature Salt Rooms. Let Pablo Blau’s well-trained therapists diagnose your skin concerns and tailor a treatment to suit your unique condition, from brightening to hydrating to soothing and calming. Emerge looking refreshed as active formulas work to restore skin’s balance and promote collagen synthesis for a youthful glow. 

Our Tester Says… 

“The treatment started with a pretty in-depth skin consultation, which allowed the therapist to understand my problem areas and skincare routine. The treatment was done in one of the signature salt rooms, which was pretty nice and refreshing. I really appreciated having the therapist go through the steps, explaining what she would be doing at each point to help with my problem areas, including how I should take care of my neck and décolleté, which I hardly pay attention to. 

After the usual cleansing, an oxygen treatment was administered, followed by a collagen mask that was customised to combat my thin and uneven skin. As the mask worked its magic, I was treated to a relaxing facial and neck massage. The therapist also pointed out the lymphatic nodes and demonstrated how I could massage them at home. The facial ended with another mask to seal in all the goodness. 

Immediately after, my face felt instantly more hydrated and brighter.”

The award-winning 75-minute Pablo Blau Signature Salt Room Customised Facial is now available at a trial price of $79 (U.P. $460). To book your appointment, visit this website.*

*While stocks last.

For more information, visit Pablo Blau, #02-26A Raffles City Shopping Centre, Tel: 6261-6885

Award: Best All-in-One Facial
Winner: Pablo Blau Signature Salt Room Customised Facial

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