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You’ve tried Korean skincare and makeup, now add Korean facial treatments to your beauty list. Here are five places to go in Singapore to get your face looking like a Korean star


Hanbang Skin Solutions Signature Anti-Glycation Care, $448 for 90 minutes 


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A complex chain reaction takes place beneath our skin surface as we age. In addition to melanin formulation, collagen fibres also start to deteriorate as a result of accumulative UV damage. Over time, these fibres that used to be taut to hold our skin in place starts to weaken as our skin starts to sag. Moreover,  deteriorated collagen fibres have a yellow tinge to it, which explains why some women notice sallowness as they get older. Yet, for many Korean women, they are able to maintain a plump and dewy complexion even in their 40s and beyond.

Their secret? A specialised facial massage technique known as Geunmak Therapy. At Hanbang Skin Solutions, your skilled therapists performs this traditional Korean massage technique to stimulate the fascia, the connective tissue that holds the facial muscles in place. Through a series of meticulous movements, facial tension is eased, microcirculation is improved and your lymphatic drainage is optimised. This restores a healthy skin glow while accelerating collagen synthesis for firmer skin.

Available at #04-30 NEX Shopping Mall, Tel: 6909 5383


Dream Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery KKUM Snow Glow Facial Treatment, $588 for 60 minutes


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Developed to brighten and plump skin, this cosmeceutical facial combines traditional Korean techniques with cutting edge technology and powerful ingredients for a luxurious and pampering skin treat. It begins with makeup removal, after which a softening solution is applied to loosen dead skin cells and stubborn comedones. Then, your therapist uses a suction tip to gently and effectively remove dirt and gunk from the skin surface. This is followed by exfoliation, which stimulates cellular renewal so skin is clearer and softer.

Now that your skin is free of surface debris, an antioxidant serum and Korean-made Dr. dream Hydramemory Deep Active Moisturizer is applied. At the same time, your therapist performs a facial massage using Dr. dream’s RE10 Skin Rejuvenation Device, which emits heat and micro-vibration to stimulate collagen production and boost product absorption into the skin. This is followed by a Dream Formula NeoNaturalism sheet mask to soothe skin and tighten pores before the LED Light Therapy is administered for inside-out skin rejuvenation. In just one session, skin texture is refined and plumped, and the complexion looks instantly revived and radiant.

Available at Dream Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery, #17-03/04 Paragon, Tel: 6871 8888


Sulwhasoo Harmonizen Regenerating Treatment, $340 for 80 minutes 


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You know you’re in for a treat when the key product of this treatment is the K-beauty brand’s most exclusive Harmonizen Regenerating Cream EX. Made of red and white ginseng extracts using Dermosul technology, this deeply rejuvenating cream has a dense and firm texture that spreads over skin and absorbs readily. Ideal for those with tired and ageing skin, it recharges sluggish cellular metabolism, transforms skin texture and improves skin vitality for a well-rested glow.

In addition, your therapist performs a series of restorative and pampering massage steps, so you’ll emerge feeling as good as your skin looks.

Available at Sulwhasoo, #01-72/73 Capitol Piazza, Tel: 6844 9766


CHEONGDAM Korean Skin Management IONTO Vita C

korean facials singapore

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As its name suggests, all facials at CHEONGDAM are adapted from treatment used in Korean skincare centres that are widely popular amongst Korean women and key opinion leaders. This one in particular, is designed to combat pigmentation, dullness and signs of photo-damage as it harnesses the benefits of vitamin C to give complexion a complete overhaul. Known of its antioxidants, collagen-stimulating and melanin-inhibiting properties, vitamin C is one of the most powerful skincare ingredients.

Plus, it is potent without being harsh on the skin, so almost everyone can benefit from it. Using iontophoresis, vitamin C is pushed into skin in high concentrations, creating vitamin C “reservoirs” beneath skin surface that continues to protect and repair skin cells even after cleansing your face. It also helps balance skin’s moisture-sebum levels while improving skin luminosity.

Available at CHEONGDAM Korean Skin Management, 124 Tanjong Pagar Road, Tel: 6222 3686


Atlas Medispa Atlas Signature Anti-Aging Radiance Plus Facial


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Combining the best in Korean skincare technology and medical grade topical serums, this facial is your go-to is you’re concerned with signs of ageing and dullness.

Featuring the Advanced Thermo-Radiofrequency, this facial helps to stimulate collagen synthesis at the dermis level to lift and tighten skin. Then, PDT (Photo Dynamic Therapy) ensues, to stimulate cell regeneration, kill acne-causing bacteria as well as accelerate wound healing. Finally, your therapist performs a lymphatic drainage massage to reduce puffiness so your complexion looks more radiant, firmer and plump.

Available at Atlas Medispa, #24-10 Ngee Ann City Tower B, Tel: 6735 0996