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The Category: Medispa Facials
The Award: Best Medispa Instant Brightening Treatment
The Winner: Shens Aesthetics – 24K Ultra Gold Face Therapy

The Treatment

Shens Aesthetics

This luxurious and aromatic facial focuses on improving the skin using 24K gold active ingredients at every step – a nourishing serum infused with colloidal gold, collagen-rich gold cream, gold foil and gold mask.

Known for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, gold is said to provide skin with anti-ageing, rejuvenating and soothing benefits. This pampering facial also helps draw out toxins and impurities, while healing, hydrating and protecting skin for a more youthful-looking and radiant complexion. The 90-min facial costs $400 per session.

What Happened After We Tried It 

Shens Aesthetics

“A completely manual facial with no machines involved, it was extremely relaxing and comforting as the 24K gold-infused products were massaged into my skin. The long rhythmic and slow strokes of the lymphatic massage administered helped to improve blood circulation while relaxing the facial muscles. This reduced puffiness and gave skin a lift – something my face was very much in need of. 

The most interesting step was when the 24K gold foil was applied over the face and massaged in with the cream. The therapist explained that this was meant to stimulate the absorption of the active ingredients to rejuvenate skin. 

Another round of lymphatic massage followed, and this time, even my neck was included, to extend the products’ lifting and hydrating benefits. A gold mask was applied as a final touch and I was treated to a relaxing hand massage.

I felt so pampered after the treatment. All the gold-infused products, together with intensive massaging, left my complexion firmer and brighter. I also noticed a visible lift as my skin felt incredibly tauter. It also looked revitalised and luminous. For once in a long time, I actually went makeup-free.” 

Shens Aesthetics is at #09-09 Winsland House 1, tel: 6908-5548. You can connect with them online, Facebook and Instagram.

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