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Over time, skin loses its elasticity, lines appear, and sagging begins as gravity takes hold. There’s no going back, but there are a number of aesthetic treatments that can help refresh the face for younger-looking skin.

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If you’re looking for a lift, the Exilis Elite Facelift uses not one, but two technologies: monopolar radio frequency (RF) and ultrasound. It’s a facial contouring treatment that delivers controlled and targeted heat energy (at 40-42 deg C), to both superficial and deep layers of the skin. Dr Karen Soh, medical director of Prive Clinic, says the treatment promotes collagen production to smooth away fine lines and wrinkles while tightening sagging skin. Exilis Elite Facelift works to give the face an immediate lift, so it’s great as a last minute pick-me-up right before a photoshoot, or big events and gatherings!” says Dr Soh.

What’s reassuring: The applicator has a built-in thermometer and an option for “layered advanced cooling” to ensure the treatment is safe and comfortable at all times.

You might also want to consider another non-surgical facelift option. Ultherapy, is a US FDA-approved treatment that uses ultrasound energy to boost collagen production in skin to lift, tighten and firm. “With Ultherapy, I am able to see the layers of tissue being treated using traditional ultrasound imaging. This helps me ensure the precise delivery of thermal heat energy to where it is needed to achieve optimal results for my patients” Dr Soh explains. The best bit? Only one session is required, with results lasting up to 12 months.

To improve skin tone and texture, the fourth generation Thermage FLX uses patented mono-polar capacitive radiofrequency technology. The treatment creates a uniformed heating effect in the deep, collagen-rich layers of skin, which in turn tightens it from within while promoting new collagen production. The results: a reduction in the appearance of lines and wrinkles, and a redefinition of facial features.

More importantly, the updated Thermage FLX now automatically tunes each pulse of energy for an even more precise and consistent treatment, tailored to your skin concerns. In addition, multi-directional vibration and interspersed cooling ensures that your session feels comfortable every time. The downtime is minimal – some may experience slight redness or minor swelling, which goes away within 24 hours. You can expect to see continued improvements within the first six months, with results lasting up to 12 months.

The advantage of all three anti-ageing treatments is that each is non-invasive and can be used not only to address the signs of ageing, but also as a preventive measure to keep your complexion looking youthful for longer. Which is the “best” lifting treatment then?

“They’re all different and what may suit one patient may not be the best for another. At my clinic, we have all 3 types of machine so we can always tailor a combination solution depending on patients’ preferences and needs” says Dr Soh.

Getting That Glow

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To ensure that relatives seek out your secrets to looking youthful, Profhilo is what your skin needs to look firm and lifted. It is not just another skin booster treatment nor a filler but an injectable with one of the largest concentrations of Hyaluronic Acid in the market!

Launched in Europe a few years ago, this is the first bio-remodelling injectable that uses 100% pure Hyaluronic Acid. This means that it not only boosts and hydrates the skin, but also remodels the aging and sagging tissue. Dr Soh explains why this treatment is gaining popularity, “With little to no downtime, this injectable is carefully administered on five key points on your face. With high concentrations of HA, patients often experience firmer, bouncier, smooth and dewy looking complexion.”

For best lifting effects, Profhilo can be combined with energy based treatments such as Ultherapy, Thermage or Exilis Elite. While combining it with fillers, it can compensate for lost of volume and for improvement of scars and pigmentation, the famous Discovery Pico Laser will do the trick!

A Flawless Face, Finally

Pigmentation, old scars and uneven skin tone mean one thing: dull, uneven skin.

To combat this, the Discovery Pico Laser uses ultra short picosecond pulses to break up the melanin and pigment particles. The short pulses means skin takes less time to heat up during the session, which in turn reduces the risk of hyperpigmentation post-treatment.

The Privé Clinic difference is that there are unlimited laser passes per session, with different modes to target different layers and treat different skin issues. The customized Pico laser treatment is subjected to the doctor’s professional assessment of the individual’s skin condition and lifestyle.

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If you’re still trying to shed that extra weight despite all that exercising and dieting, Coolsculpting can lend a helping hand.

This US FDA-approved non-invasive and non-surgical body-contouring and fat-reduction treatment (up to 25% fat cells reduction) uses a cooling process known as cryolipolysis. How it works: It freezes fat cells to death, effectively destroying them. The crystallised fat cells are then naturally eliminated by the body over the following weeks and months. At Privé Clinic, we created a personalized program to incorporate EMSCULPT (Abs and Glute Sculpting), a new generation technology that uses high intensity focused electromagnetic energy (HIFEM) targeted to build muscle and burn fat. Each 30 minute session is similar to doing 20,000 crunches or squats. For best results, four to six sessions are recommended.

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