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So many of us live social media-led lives. We’re constantly uploading photos of our food, travels and outfits. While Facebook, Instagram and other platforms can make us feel more connected to the world, perfection is also expected – there’s constant pressure to look your best all the time.

How often have you tweaked your photos – blurred out cellulite, nipped in the waist and slimmed the face – before uploading them onto social media? Have filters and photo editing apps become your go-to? 

But these confidence boosts are only temporary. Instead of relying on filters and apps when you next take a picture of yourself, you can achieve your ideal look in real life, with these key aesthetics treatments from Amaris B. Clinic. 

Blurring the lines

While it is important to have a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise and a good diet, sometimes, try as you might, there might still be areas you would like to tweak. Amaris B. Clinic offers these treatments to help make the gorgeous you in your photos a reality. 

Problem: You want to get rid of stubborn bulges for a perfect body  
Try: VASER Lipo

One of the most recognised fat removal solutions in the world, VASER Lipo uses patented ultrasound wave technology designed to selectively remove fat and reshape the body. 

The wonderful thing about VASER Lipo is that it is powerful enough to eliminate large areas of fat tissue, for example, on the abdomen, waist, thighs or hips. At the same time, it is also precise enough to work on smaller, more delicate areas such as the neck, pectorals or knees. 

Unlike traditional liposuction, which can be painful and comes with a longer downtime, VASER Lipo is gentler yet still more effective. The beauty lies in its versatility: almost any part of the body with stubborn fat pockets can be removed and reshaped using this treatment.

How does it work? Dr Ivan Puah, founder and medical director of Amaris B. Clinic, first numbs the target area with a special local anaesthetic solution. “The solution helps to shrink the blood vessels to minimise blood loss and reduce bruising, which makes it easier to break up stubborn fat tissues.”

The VASER ultrasound probe is then inserted into the area. It transmits sound energy to smoothly break up and emulsify the tissues while preserving the integrity of the rest of the important connective tissues.  

After the fat melting process is carried out, the liquefied fat is then removed through an aspiration process. “I will sculpt the area using an array of specific suction cannulas, specially designed for this procedure,” says Dr Puah.

You should be aware that weight loss and fat loss are different, so it’s important to know that VASER Lipo is not intended as a weight loss solution. For patients who are bothered with stubborn fat that won’t go away despite eating healthily and staying active, VASER Lipo is a permanent and effective solution. The goal of the treatment is simple: to create a slimmer silhouette and to correct disproportionate fat distribution.   

Problem: You long for a trim athlete’s physique 
Try: VASER Hi-Def Lipo

You’re a machine when it comes to doing crunches, pushing through the discomfort and ploughing through multiple sets – all in the name of achieving defined abs and a trim waist. But no matter how much you work at it, it seems that your goal remains elusive – and it’s becoming a frustration. 

Here’s a treatment that can give you a boost: VASER Hi-Def Lipo, which is tailored to your  body and specially performed by Dr Puah. His aim is to enhance your existing torso muscles, giving you a natural-looking and athletic appearance. 

He does so by selectively sculpting the superficial layers of fat that surround the muscles. VASER Hi-Def is a body-sculpting technique that requires a highly-skilled practitioner to perform. Dr Puah says: “It is in a different class from other types of liposuction. It is more meticulous and requires advanced body-sculpting training.”

Dr Puah, who has been performing this treatment since 2008, has ample qualifications and training. He is a certified VASER physician and has attained various body-sculpting training – depending on the patient’s clinical condition, he is able to call on his experience to offer multiple techniques and approaches to sculpt the body perfectly.

During consultation and clinical assessment with Dr Puah, the patient’s natural body shape, texture of the skin, amount of fat to be removed, sculpting approach and the individual’s personal goals are taken into consideration. So, if you are after a more toned but shapely body shape, Vaser Hi-Def Lipo may be the option for you. 

Problem: You suffer from water retention and hate your cellulite 
Try: Lymphatic Drainage

Are you tired of blurring your beach holiday photos to minimise the appearance of cellulite? Or perhaps you seem to appear larger than you are because of water retention?

The Lymphatic Drainage treatment boosts your body’s circulation to prevent accumulation of fluids and toxins that can lead to water retention and cellulite. This comfortable and non-invasive treatment is similar to Chinese cupping therapy: It involves wearing a patented bodysuit that comes with 400 chambers that apply pressure to different areas of the body to promote circulation all over. 

The result: less water retention and a reduction in the appearance of cellulite. Other promised benefits include improved well-being. 

Problem: You’ve lost some weight but now have loose skin
Try: Biostimulator with Ultherapy 

Ultherapy is a well-known and effective answer to treat sagging skin on the face, neck and decolletage. This FDA-approved non-invasive treatment uses focused ultrasound energy to target the deep structural layers of the skin, boosting tissue repair while encouraging the body’s natural collagen regenerative process. It’s also said to boost collagen and elastin production to lift and firm skin so you look more youthful.

To enhance its effects, calcium hydroxyapatite (CaHA) is added to the treatment to improve skin quality and firmness on the face, neck, decolletage, buttocks, thighs, tummy and even elbows. 

When combined with Ultherapy, it elevates the skin-tightening treatment, resulting in smooth curves, and toned and plumped skin. 

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