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how to pack light beauty products when going on holiday save luggage space story

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#1 Samples are your best friend
Most beauty brands offer samples of their products, whether free or gifts with purchase. It never hurts to accumulate samples over time as you can bust them out whenever you travel. Stores like Sephora also have a selection of travel-sized versions of products like face primers, mascaras, skincare and tools that are very convenient to have for a holiday. 

#2 Decant into travel bottles
While you might not be able to line up all your pretty skincare bottles on the vanity of your gorgeous Airbnb apartment, decanting things like moisturisers, face wash, and hair care into small travel-sized bottles will save you a lot of space and luggage weight (leaving room for more shopping!). 

#3 Avoid taking anything too expensive
Luggage gets lost from time to time, and even if you’ve been lucky all your life, it’s always better to be safe than sorry in the event it ever happens to you. If it’s not lost baggage, there are plenty of unforeseen circumstances that can occur when you’re on holiday. Also, unless your skin can’t live without a type of body lotion or shower gel, you can probably leave those behind if you’re staying in a nice enough hotel or Airbnb that provides such amenities. 

#4 Take multi-purpose products
If you’ve got a 10-step skincare routine, cut it down with products that serve a dual (or triple) purpose. A tinted moisturiser with SPF can cut down many steps in your beauty routine. Other multi-purpose items to try include things like a hydrating primer or an eyeshadow you can also use as eyeliner. 

#5 Create your own eyeshadow palette
Unless you’ve been lucky enough to find the perfect compact eyeshadow palette with your favourite neutral colours, you might want to consider building your own with single eyeshadow colours. The price point depends on the brand you choose, but if you’re looking for highly pigmented and buttery shadows on a budget, you can try the brand Make Up Geek (available on 

Other single eyeshadow brands with great quality shadows include Mac Cosmetics, Make Up For Ever, and Anastasia Beverly Hills. You can pop single shadows into something called a Z Palette (an empty magnetic palette) and just take that with you. The smallest Z Palette holds nine eyeshadow pans, which is plenty for everyday wear.

#6 Decide what you can live without
If you’re a beauty junkie, you probably have at least five favourite lipsticks in rotation and plenty of blushers, highlighters and even hairstyling tools. If you need to pack light, you first have to figure out what you can’t do without on a daily basis. If you don’t reach for eyeshadows everyday, you might want to leave them at home. It’s also a good idea to take a look at the outfits you’re bringing with you to make sure your makeup goes with your clothes. This mental calculation will help you rule out certain shades of eyeliner or lipstick altogether! If you can’t live without your flat iron, you might want to find a travel-sized one or you may have to sacrifice something else to fit everything in your suitcase.

#7 Consider whether you’re going to buy more beauty stuff
Are you traveling to a destination in which you plan to invest in more beauty products, like Korea, Japan, Paris or the US? If you’ve got makeup or skincare items on your shopping list, consider leaving similar products behind and using the products you buy while on holiday. 

#8 Bring makeup cleansing wipes
Instead of lugging around a bottle of cleansing oil, makeup wipes are a lot more compact and require less cleanup. You don’t need to ensure you have cotton pads, and you can do it all from the comfort of your hotel bed. They’re also great for on-the-go emergencies, so it doesn’t hurt to keep a small packet of them on you at all times.