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New elemis peptide4 range

It’s not new news that sleep is important for our physical and mental health, as well as how we look on the outside. The skin and our skin cells actively renew and repair during a good night’s sleep. The issue is, getting a good night’s sleep is easier said than done, particularly during a busy festive period, which we’re right bang in the middle of.

On this premise of needing to look like we slept soundly all night even if we haven’t, Elemis have launched a new range to help us gals out – Peptide 24/7.

Inspired by the body’s miraculous inner clock, the range aims to support the skin’s processes to deliver said ‘beauty sleep’ look.  But how?

Peptides are biologically occurring chains of amino acids, derived from yeast extracts. This new Peptide4 range consists of a tetra-peptide, made up of four amino acids. This helps to support the skin’s processes, for a revitalised and replenished appearance.

On top of that, the range takes a leaf (get it?) out of nature’s book, by using petal power. The three-product range contains two unique flower seed oils that deliver high concentrations of Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Vitamin E. The combination of the peptides and plant botanicals thus give your skin a healthier-looking, revitalised and radiant complexion.

But enough of the science-bit, let’s meet the products set to salvage our skin:


The face mask: Thousand Flower Mask

  • The mask’s unique matte texture spreads across the face like a plush layer of creamy black velvet,never drying out.
  • Contains sustainably sourced Nordic peat – comprised of thousands of fallen organic flowers, herbs and botanicals is rich in minerals, vitamins, amino acids and fatty acids.
  • Nordic peat helps to balance the skin’s delicate acid mantle and support its ability to protect itself.
  • Sweet clover helps to gently tone and tighten the skin.
  • A trio of willow tree extracts, lactic acid and Brazilian black clay gently exfoliates to help leave skin smooth and glowing.


 The moisturiser: Night Recovery Cream-Oil

  • This skin-synchronising night cream-oil combines the hydration of a moisturising cream with the protection of an oil.
  • Contains the yeast-derived peptide which helps the complexion look rested, nourished and healthy upon waking.
  • Perilla seed and night scented stock oils, exceptionally rich in omegas and vitamin E, leaves skin feeling restored and replenished.



The eye cream: Eye Recovery Cream

  • This around-the-clock eye cream that helps revive and refresh.
  • Peptide4 helps to reawaken and brighten the appearance of tired eyes, helping them look and feel rested.
  • Cultivated exclusively for Elemis, flower seed oils of star arvensis and night scented stock replenish lost moisture and help improve skin elasticity.
  • Hawkweed and daisy extracts target the appearance of dark shadows, for brighter and younger-looking eyes, around-the-clock.


Using the three products above, you can actively combat dullness, dehydration as well as breakouts for more oily skin. As if that’s not enough to make these a worthy investment – here’s something to sweeten the deal. Especially for the festive period, Bishan Park’s Aramsa – The Garden Spa (which comes highly recommended) has an enticing offer:


Elemis Peptide skincare bundle 

Purchase both the eye recovery cream and night recovery cream-oil at $236 and receive, complimentary, the thousand flower mask and an 75-minute Elemis facial, of your choice.


Having personally tried both their Elemis Superfood Pro-Radiance and the new Peptide4 facials, I can safely say it’s a steal at this price. While the superfoods facial felt very nourishing and I loved the fact that it was all natural ingredients, I must say the Peptide4 facial delivered an instant noticeable difference to my skin, with people telling me I look refreshed and don’t need makeup. 

To try it out for yourself, or treat a loved one this Christmas, head to Aramsa – The Garden Spa. Hurry, as there are only limited sets available for this skincare bundle.