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6 quick tricks to grow out your hair faster and stronger!

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Looking to grow out your hair for the next couple of months? Besides twiddling your thumbs in impatience as you wait for your follicles to flourish, there’s a lot you can do in the interim as you embark on the rocky road towards hair redemption.

Here are some pro pointers on how to ride out the “wave” of gawky in-between-ness when growing out your locks:

1. Get androgynous and let your hair up. Have fun jazzing things up while waiting out the awkward phase. If you’re currently rocking lob-length hair, consider slicking your fringe up into a retro-mod, super-cool take on the Elvis Presley-esque pompadour.

First, grab the nozzle of your hair dryer and direct it at your damp post-shower roots, using a silicone barrel brush in the other hand to curl the ends of your locks. Once they’re more or less dry, rub a tiny bit of matte-finish wax between your palms, then use swift raking motions to sweep your fingers through your mane. When you’ve tweaked and teased your tresses to a desired height, set it with a good, long blast of high-intensity hairspray. And you’re done! A legitimately head-turning look to rock while you’re in the process of growing out your hair.

2. Style your hair according to your face shape. The transition period ought to be smooth sailing for you if you have a heart- or oval-shaped face (you lucky lasses, you). Damsels with heart-shaped faces should ask for side-swept bangs while they’re waiting things out, as a longer fringe will help direct attention up towards your eyes and away from your pointier chin.

If you’re square-jawed, get your stylist to give you lots of soft, feathery layers around the ears to soften the hard planes of your face. Meanwhile, round or oval shapes should consider keeping length on top to add height and elongate your face. And yes, these are beauty best practices anyone can follow, no matter your hair length.

6 quick tricks to grow out your hair faster and stronger!

3. Consider your hair texture and colour. Hair texture makes a lot of difference, so ask your stylist to tailor your cut to suit your hair type. Straight-to-wavy hair will require the least amount of styling and upkeep; simply rake a volumising mousse through the roots and you’re good to go. On the other hand (or is that other head), a good stylist should be able to layer the sides and back of curlier coiffures so that it doesn’t pouf up on you even as you’re waiting for it to grow out.

4. Space out your appointments. As paradoxical as it may sound, your awkward neither-here-nor-there hair will benefit greatly by trimming it regularly. “Growing out your hair is best done in stages,” advises Michael Chiew of Hairloom Salon. “Visit a trusted stylist at least once a month, then space your appointments out gradually.” Duly noted!

5. Break in your bob. To make the transition as painless as possible, consider snipping the sides and the back to mould your mop into a longish Korean-style bob – hey, you can even experiment with the Beyoncé wob while you’re at it – then layer the bangs and strands around the ears at the four-month mark to create the illusion of sleeker, longer hair. Then, once the top has grown to a decent length, you can gradually space out your hair appointments.

6 quick tricks to grow out your hair faster and stronger!

6. Moisturise your mop with “bodybuilding” balms. Finally, you should maximise your mane maintenance with this current crop of rinse-off masks, all of which are supremely soothing and smell so very sublime, too. These hair heroes make for smart additions to your routine – regular use of protein- and keratin-rich strengtheners can lead to fewer stray strands on your brush.

Right, then. Bookmark this story on your smartphone for easy reference when you’re in need of reading material at the salon, and good luck with lengthening your locks!