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Getting a flawless complexion is every girl’s dream but following a strict beauty regimen and using the best products in the market is never enough. Watching first impressions and reviews about beauty products by YouTubers like @Tati triggers your interest to get your hands on products that they claim true, but it doesn’t seem to work on you. Why? Well, there’s a difference between our Asian skin and the Caucasian’s so we’re here to grant you more understanding on our Asian skin system to ensure that you know what type of product you should try next.


1. Asian skin is more prone to sensitivity

Our skin has thinner stratum (outermost layer of epidermis) compared to different ethnicity. As a result, our skin is extremely sensitive to environment factors and chemicals that disrupt the skin’s pH balance, causing redness, irritation and allergy.


2. Asian skin gets scars more easily

Keep your fingers off your acne! A gentle care is needed when there’s a breakout and when your skin is trying to heal from a wound. Plus, picking your acne is worst thing you could do with fingers as it will trigger inflammation that need extra time to heal, not forgetting that it’ll leave acne scars on your pretty face.

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3. Asian skin has more issues with hyperpigmentation

Melanin is the natural skin pigment that protects skin from the sun. Theoretically, Asian skin has higher melanin compared to Caucasian skin so our skin is more vulnerable to blotchy, uneven brown patches that leads to hyperpigmentation. Use sunscreen, pigmentation controlling products and whitening treatments to combat pigmentation.


4. Asian skin loses moisture more easily

Due to thin stratum that we have, the weak barrier function causes moisture to evaporate easily. This means we need to choose a moisturizer which is high in water-binding ingredients and yes, oily skin needs deep moisturizing too!

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5. Asian skin gets oily easily

We’ve noticed that our skin is way oilier than Caucasian’s and this has to do with the higher number of sebaceous glands we own in our skin. That’s why our skin is more acne-prone and there’s a high chance to suffer from clogged pores. Thus, it’ll be good to exfoliate once or twice a week with gentle products that will not strip away our natural skin lipids.


6. Asian skin has more resistance to aging

While we have thinner stratum, we also have thicker and denser dermal layer that contains greater concentration of collagen that slows down the process of aging. Now you know why Asians typically look younger than Caucasians!

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