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Cotton pads may be one of the best inventions in the beauty world. Not only is it cheap, it also has multiple uses. While it’s widely used to apply toner and remove nail polish, there are other uses that you may not know about. Here are five.


Use as a mask

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Ran out of facial masks? Why not soak some cotton pads in your skin conditioner or moisturising toner and place a few pieces on your face to double up as a facial mask? Concentrate on drier or rougher areas, such as your cheeks, forehead and chin.


As a handy makeup remover

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When travelling, soak cotton pads with micellar water or cleansing water and place them in Ziploc bag, so you can remove your makeup mid-flight without lugging a bottle of makeup remover. This can also be a cheaper alternative compared to buying cleansing sheets, especially if you are travelling only for a weekend.


Pre-soak your toner

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If you find it a hassle to bring a bottle of toner along when travelling, simply soak a couple pieces of cotton pads with the solution and seal them in a small Ziploc bag. This will ensure the pads don’t dry up by the time you reach your destination.


Use to apply powder

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Do you always end up applying too much powder no matter how light-handed you try to be? Here’s a tip: separate the cotton pad into two sections and place translucent powder in between the two sheets. Then, use the cotton pad to lightly dust your face to control the amount of powder deposited.


Use to contour

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Pick up some shading product in the middle of the cotton pad, and then fold the piece in half. Use the folded edge to contour your nose. Be careful not to pick up too much product!

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