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#1 Philips Moistureprotect Dryer HP8280, $185.
This hairdryer automatically reduces the temperature to prevent dehydration, thanks to sensors that detect the moisture level in your hair. The result: soft, shiny and frizzfree locks.

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#2 Babyliss Pro Miracurl, $249.
No more fumbling with a regular curling iron and risk scorching your fingers – all you need to do is insert your hair, one small section at a time, into the barrel of this curling iron and clamp the iron shut. The motor will “suck” your hair in – you’ll feel no pain! – and twirl it around the internal heated iron to give you perfect-looking curls in under 15 seconds (for each section); it takes about 20 to 30 minutes to curl a full head of shoulder-length hair. The curls last all day (even if you’ve got super-thick hair), but we recommend using a setting spray just the same.

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#3 Braun Satin Hair 7 Sensocare Styler, $160.
Built-in sensors in this flat iron adjust the temperature of the plates so they don’t overheat and fry your hair. The ceramic plates also distribute pressure evenly as you straighten your locks to reportedly prevent damage.

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#4 Kim Robinson Ultimate Hairdryer, $418.
Boasting ionic ceramic technology, this hairdryer promises to dry your hair more quickly than other dryers. It also has a built-in silencer so you don’t wake up the entire family in the mornings.

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#5 Tuft Play Travel Curling Iron 25mm, $88.
With a collapsible barrel that nearly halves its size (it measures 18cm long when collapsed), this portable iron is perfect for stashing in your gym bag or luggage. More importantly, it has a ceramic-coated barrel that releases negative ions, which supposedly make hair shiner while reducing heat-induced damage and frizz.

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This story was first published in HerWorld Magazine May 2015.

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