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Every beauty junkie knows that a workout can be tough on your body and your skin. Your body heats up, pores expand, sweat and dirt get in those pores and if you aren’t conscientious about keeping your skin clean, blemishes are a distinct possibility.


Then there’s the hygiene factor. Hitting the gym without the right essentials can make you feel unprepared and a little self-conscious about how you’re going to look and smell after. It’s tough to focus on pushing yourself to new levels physically if you’ve got distractions on your mind.


Bottomline: No one wants to leave the gym looking and feeling like a hot sweaty mess. You want to look your best and emerge from the gym complete with that fresh post-exercise glow. If looking good is one of the main motivators that get you in that gym on the regular, then you’re going to need to make sure you’ve got these beauty essentials with you too!



If you’re someone who goes to the gym at the end of the day, you’re going to want to make sure you take off all the makeup you have on before you get sweating. Imagine a full day’s worth of makeup, sebum and grime clogging your pores while your body heats up and your pores expand.


If that isn’t enough to scream blemish central, what about the bacteria on all the machines and floor mats at the gym? If you touch anything and then touch your face, your skin isn’t going to be happy. Get the gunk off your face with a wipe or two before you hit the treadmills, so you don’t end up with cake-face halfway through your workout.


Face wipes are also a great way to refresh your skin after a gym class if you don’t have time to shower before heading home. At the very least, you won’t have to worry about your face!


All that water loss and panting at the gym, not to mention the dehydrating air-conditioning of the rooms, can seriously leave you feeling parched. This means your lips are going to feel a lot drier and be even more prone to chapping. Slather on your favourite hydrating lip balm before and after your gym sesh to make sure your smackers stay nourished and protected.


Getting enough water in your body everyday is an importance that has been emphasised over and over again from the time we were kids. It’s not enough to just catch a drink at the gym water cooler while you’re on your way to the showers, because all the hard work you put in during your workout caused your body to lose quite a lot of water. You’re going to want to keep sipping on your water as you go about the next couple of hours as it not only keeps you from getting dehydrated, but also aids in muscle repair.


For the sake of everyone you are going to be walking by after your workout, please please please make sure you use deodorant. Firstly, body odour is unpleasant enough to deal with when living in a hot and humid country, and secondly, you tend to perspire more easily for several hours after a workout all of which means your underarms are not going to remain odour-free for as long as usual.


The quickest way to cool down the surface of your skin on the go is a quick spritz of face mist. And if you want to leave the gym looking hydrated but not shiny, the La Roche-Posay Serozinc face mist contains zinc which is said to boast mattifying and sebum-regulating properties. It’s touted as an oil-blotting mist, which makes it perfect for anyone with combination or oily skin.


That said, it definitely isn’t drying, because it’s also packed with La Roche-Posay’s iconic Thermal Spring Water. That means it’s also going to hydrate your skin and reduce inflammation, both of which are important post-workout skincare concerns.



How do you use it? Well, you can spritz it on after cleansing your face as a “toner” of sorts, or throughout the day as a post-makeup mattifier. Just let it sit for a minute, dab off the excess with a tissue and you’re good to go!


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