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5 best tips to get rid of dark spots and hyperpigmentation!

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1. Shun shaving, stat. Razors are ruinous for your skin: They cause burns, bruises and bumps, all of which can intensify inflammation in the form of spots and splotches. The solution? Switch to weekly waxes, or invest in IPL sessions (purse-friendly package deals should take the sting out of this splurge.)

2. Peel away the past. Dead skin cells can really dim your glow, so be sure to incorporate invigorating exfoliators into your regime to resurface and rejuvenate. Scrubs are superb for sloughing off the dirt and debris that are clouding your complexion, plus they’re so easy to use, too: Simply massage into your mien and body, then splash off for a visibly smoother visage. Magic!

3. When life gives you lemons … Use ‘em to dislodge discolourations and sweep away stubborn sun-induced spots! Besides being a brilliant skin brightener in its own right, the topical vitamin C in the tangy treat also makes for a useful adjunct to your daily dose of sunscreen.

Or go the whole DIY hog and try squeezing a drop or two of lime or lemon juice into your moisturiser. Slather this citrusy concoction onto your cleansed complexion as a rinse-off mask, or layer it under your sunscreen during the day. The antioxidants will maximise sun protection and prevent brown blotches at the same time.

4. Lube up! Taking a swig and hydrating with H20 is an absolute requisite in the evening, especially if you’re sleeping in a skin-desiccating air-conditioned room. What’s the connection? Well, a dehydrated dermis with all its accompanying flakiness can heighten hyperpigmentation on your hide. Oh, and while we’re talking about lubrication, steer clear of scalding hot showers as the heat can further fan the flames of inflamed skin.

5. Amp up your sunscreen with antioxidants. Finally, here’s your best brightening bet – ascorbic acid applied under sunscreen. Better known as good ol’ vitamin C, this turbo-charged superhero is a firm favourite for its ability to fend off environmental aggressors, especially when supplemented with sunscreen. The result? Smoother and more supple skin, plus the full protection required to fend off the fury of Singapore’s sun when power-walking through the CBD district.

Right, then. Bookmark this story and try out these tips today – your discolourations should diminish with time. Good luck!