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The craze of chope-ing seats with tissue paper may have died down a little, but we feel like it should start all over again just for an opportunity to show off these super cute handkerchiefs from Korean brand Innisfree. (On second thought, maybe we’ll keep this to our pantry.)

These floral hankies – designs inspired by Korea’s Jeju Island – were introduced by the brand in a bid to encourage the use of a handkerchief over other disposable materials.

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Tissue paper aside, these are great as statement accessories, too. Tie them to the strap of your bag, around your hair or around your wrist as a bracelet. And if you pack lunch to work, you can use it as a carrier.

You’ll be able to get one of the four designs with any purchase above $30 in June this year. (All the more reason to get this year’s limited edition Green Tea Seed Range, packaged in a floral design, too.)

In this case, the last B stands bottle. Organic skincare brand Neal’s Yard Remedies gives you cash rebates, when you bring back empty tubs and bottles from the brand for recycling. Of course, you can reuse old bottles by using them as flower pots, vases and for other decorative purposes, too.

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For a more traditional sense of the acronym, Neal’s Yard Remedies will be giving away free eco bags if you turn up at the store on April 22 with your own. (There’s a 30 per cent store-wide discount for that day, too – so hurry down if you’re in the area.)

It’s easy to take for granted something we’re so used to – clean water. In some other countries though, clean water is a luxury, and many have to walk extra long distances just to get water for their families.

Aveda Light the way candle earth month water conservation.png

With just $35 for Aveda’s Light the Way candle, you can help provide a years’ worth of drinking water for a person living in Madagascar. The brand donates all of its proceeds for this candle to the Global Greengrants Fund, which then channels money to help grassroot groups solve environmental problems worldwide.

The entire packaging is eco-friendly too, says the brand. The candle, which smells of vanilla, cinnamon and ylang ylang is made from naturally-derived waxes and housed in reclaimed glass beverage bottles. Even the box is made out of recycled material.

A sparkly blue, limited edition size of luxe skincare brand La mer’s classic moisturising cream? We’ll take one, please.

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Sure, it’s way over-the-top for non-users, but if you’ve been a fan of the brand for awhile now, $710 is a small price to pay for this collector’s item, specially made to commemorate World Oceans Day. A 100ml of this potent cream lasts ages in Singapore’s humid weather, anyway.

Even if you decide that it’s too much money to shell out, it doesn’t affect the brand’s contribution – over USD$2.6M since 2008 – to research surrounding the protection and conservation of healthy ocean habitats.

This will be out at all La Mer boutiques from June 8 for a limited period.