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#1 If your hair is short (think Jennifer Lawrence or Halle Berry) and you’re not willing to chop off the curls completely, use clips and pins as well as curl cream to achieve a gamine look. Then trim your hair a little every month – while keeping the shape of your crop – so that the perm looks less and less obvious gradually.

#2 The best time to get a tousled, chin-length bob? When your locks have grown past the nape of your neck. Thanks to your “old” perm, you should have some wispy waves left in your mane. Junie Tan, managing director of Salon Runway, recommends chopping your hair off at the point where these waves are, for instant textured ends.

#3 For longer hair, use a styling iron to curl sections where the hair has straightened out, says Junie. This will help these parts blend in better with the existing curls.

#4 If the waves are in the last few inches of your mane, blow-dry them while pulling a brush downwards to straighten your hair. Since long tresses are more prone to damage and split ends, trim the ends every month and use a hydrating hair mask weekly.

This story was first published in Her World Magazine May 2014.

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