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Four luxury and masstige brands have now produced their own versions of the CC and BB creams – multi-purpose tinted moisturisers that originated in South Korea.

CC can stand for “colour correction” or “complete correction”; while BB is an abbreviation of “blemish balm” or “beauty balm”. The creams are not distinctly different products. Both are packed with anti-ageing benefits, moisturising agents and sunscreen, and provide coverage.

Chanel Complete Correction CC Cream.jpg

Chanel Complete Correction CC Cream

$82 for 30ml, available at Chanel counters from January 4, 2013

Designed for Asian women, this product was launched earlier this year in China. It contains cornflower water to soothe skin, hyaluronic acid to moisturise, mineral sunscreen protection of SPF30 PA+++ to protect against sun damage, a collagen stimulant to correct signs of ageing, and mineral pigments to even out skin tone and conceal imperfections.
It is available in only one shade.

What it feels like: Easily absorbed, it hydrates, provides medium coverage and gives skin a healthy glow. I use it on its own and skip the foundation when I do not feel like being too made up. The light and powdery scent adds to the luxe factor.

Kiehl's Actively Correcting & Beautifying BB Cream.jpg

Kiehl’s Actively Correcting & Beautifying BB Cream

$68 for 30ml, available at Kiehl’s counters from March 2013

This BB cream is packed with Vitamin C to clarify skin tone and smoothen skin texture, mineral pigments to hide imperfections, glycerin to retain moisture and SPF50 PA+++ for sun protection. It comes in three shades.

What it feels like: This creamy formula with a pink undertone provides good coverage. Wear this as your base make-up if you have good skin. The high SPF protection gives you leeway to skip your regular sunscreen too.

Lancome Renergie CC Multi-Lift Instant Illuminating Color Corrector cream.jpg

Lancome Renergie CC Multi-Lift Instant Illuminating Color Corrector cream

$100 for 40ml, available at Lancome counters from January 2013

Part of the brand’s new Renergie range, this CC cream illuminates skin, corrects yellowish skin tones, and tightens and smoothens skin. It has an SPF 30 protection factor and comes in two shades.

What it feels like: Light and almost watery, it is easy to spread and layer and provides sheer coverage. I find that it also gives skin a nice, rosy glow. It is perfect as a base for a powder foundation or two-way cake.


Philosophy Be Your Best Skin Perfecting B.B. Cream.jpg

Philosophy Be Your Best Skin Perfecting B.B. Cream

$68 for 30ml, available at Philosophy counters from January 2013

Formulated with a skin lightening ingredient (glycyrrhiza glabra root extract) and anti-ageing components (ascorbic acid and vitamin C derivates), the BB cream also moisturises skin, covers flaws and provides SPF 30 PA+++ protection.

It is available in two shades.

What it feels like: Light as a souffle, it provides medium coverage and lends skin a healthy pink hue and sheen. Good as a primer or worn on its own, I find that it mattifies skin and hides redness well.




































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