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Schwarzkopf Professional BC Fibre Force

Damaged hair is always disappointing. It often seems like the only thing you can do to banish the problem is go for the chop. But before you decide to hack off split ends and give up on your lacklustre locks, check out one of these new hair care ranges that can help restore your crowning glory.

The new BC Fibre Force range from Schwarzkopf Professional reconstructs from deep within the hair. Using a technically advanced keratin replacement formula, sad and dull looking lengths are transformed into super strong tresses. This is like a kick start for your hair and helps it become glossy, resilient, strong, supple and manageable. Cover Media tested out the range and it smells and performs just like a salon shampoo and conditioner would. Lengths of the hair seem more maintained and increased body can also be noticed.

Dove has come up with a three-step hair ritual to cleanse, nourish and protect hair in a superior way. Dove’s Intensive Repair nourishing shampoo works alongside the conditioner to restore hair deep at a cellular level, then the care spray provides the finishing seal. You’ll notice intensive hair reconstruction in just five washes from roots to tips. The reasonably priced British beauty brand has also given this Intensive Repair line an image overhaul for 2013. This includes the addition of two new products, an intensive Repair 60 Second Treatment Shot to provide deep nourishment in one use, plus an Intensive Repair Self Warming Hair Mask to make hair ten times more resilient against future damage.

Still a firm favourite, Kérastase Bain de Force is a reinforcing and refreshing shampoo that consistently comes out on top of tried and tested surveys. Its strengthening formula gently cleanses whilst adding body and after one use locks have more vitality, shine and health. This is down to the dual action of the product in restoring the internal substance of the hair fibre and Vita Topseal, which mimics the hair’s natural cuticle layer and seals in the renewed strength. © Cover Media