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2 blusher tips for dewy skin or a V-shaped Korean face!

Want the dewy V-shaped visage so coveted in today’s K-Beauty-obsessed world? Blusher is your best friend.

Sadly, contouring seems to have fallen out of favour: My gut feel is girls are leery of making a complete cosmetics clown of themselves. But we’re not talking “kontouring” of the Kim Kardashian variety; rather, all you need is the subtlest of shading on the cheekbones or apples of your cheeks. Here’s how:


The wetter, the better, as a wry makeup sage once quipped. To nail the nubile ‘mul-gwang’ makeup, you want the apples of your cheeks that look as if they’re lit from within.

(Quick aside for beauty beginners: The “apples” refer to the roundest and plumpest points that “pop” when you smile; you ought to be able to locate the beaming bulges just under the centre of each eye.)

2 blusher tips Christopher Kane for NARS Violet Atom Illuminating Multiple.png

Nars Violet Atom Illuminating Multiple, $60, from June 2015

Looking straight ahead in a mirror, smile slightly so said apples pop out, then hold the smile while buffing in your blush along the upper half of the apples. Use an iridescent cream formula for maximum ‘mul-gwang’ mileage. Steer clear of your nose – we want to avoid a Rudolph the ruddy reindeer situation – and keep the hue high up on the cheeks. Finish with a final blast of a hydrating facial mist, and you’re done!


Want a smaller mien via makeup magic? Suck in your cheeks, then use tapping motions to apply a creamy blush in a rosy nude, starting from under the centre of your pupils and swirling up into your temples. This V-shaped wedge of colour along the top of your cheekbones will lend a subtly lifted, superbly slenderising effect.

2 blusher tips for dewy skin or a V-shaped Korean face! Lip & Cheek Bloom Rose.png

Burberry Beauty Lip & Cheek Bloom in Rose No. 01, $54

Top tip applicable to both methods: To make your blush nigh indetectable, brush it on under your go-to BB cushion or dewy-finish foundie, so the rosiness peeks through your skin like a bona fide flush.

Key takeaway? If you’re chubby, cheekbone contouring can reduce the rotundness. If you’re angular like Angelina Jolie in Maleficent, swirling on a little blusher on the apples will soften any sharp edges. Makes sense, yes? Good luck!