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Gorgeous mattes

Confession: I am a true sucker for matte nails. There’s something so understated and effortlessly chic about them.



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I love how much these nails remind me of the Cadbury Easter Candy-coated Mini Eggs. Not quite a gradient, but I love the cool tones.




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This orange pastel is gorgeous and bright, but wonderfully warm at the same time. The shade will be incredibly flattering on medium-to-deep skin tones.



Purple was my favourite colour at a young age, and I think I’ve never really stopped loving the shade. Doesn’t hurt that it’s a colour that’s incredibly flattering on most Asian skin tones! This gorgeous ombre effect is simple enough to execute and has a great impact.


Almost too-cute

Admittedly not so much my thing, I know a fair few people who’d definitely see the appeal of a super cute set of nails.



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This manicure makes me think of confetti, or a baby shower. It’s amazing how well so many different colours work together when they’re all pastel.



If you love Hayao Miyazaki movies, this Totoro manicure is going straight to the top of your must-have list. Princess’s Cottage is Singapore-based and highly raved about by socialite Jamie Chua.



I love this half-moon manicure from Singapore-based salon Nails Fifth Avenue. The mix of shades and embellishments takes it right up to almost-too-cute, but you can always opt for fewer designs and embellishments if they’re not quite your thing.


Gradient pastels

I love a good gradient nail, though sadly have never been able to successfully manage one on my own (despite countless Youtube tutorials).



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Straying from the usual gradients done in the same colour range, this one is a lot more of a unique choice. The colours still work, tied together by the flower detailing on certain nails.




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Instead of the usual gradient manicure, I love that this one reminds me a little of playing with colour gradient filters in Microsoft Word.


Full-on nail art

Something best left to the experts, here are some gorgeous pieces of pastel nail art.


Perhaps one of my favourites of the bunch, this manicure not only combines pastels with the “glass” nail art trend I love, it also incorporates the two pantone colours of the year, serenity and rose quartz.




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An absolutely perfect pastel take on a milky way galaxy-inspired manicure. These nails aren’t as difficult to achieve as you think with plenty of leeway for imperfection, but they still look stunning.




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I love the bright watercolour effect on these nails that are such a perfect representation of the hot weather.



Of course, this set would not be complete without something from The Nail Artelier, and it just so happens to be inspired by K-drama Descendants of the Sun! The camouflage-obsessed child I used to be is in love.