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Longing for flutter-worthy lashes? For many Asian women, our lashes tend to be skinny, stubby and straight. It’s why volumising and lengthening mascaras are often included in our makeup arsenal. But who wants to deal with panda eyes and clumpy lashes? 

Alternatively, many also turn to lash extensions, explaining its increased popularity especially in Singapore. But herein lies the problem. Doing lash extensions for prolonged periods can cause your natural lashes to weaken, becoming brittle or worse yet, fall out.

Fortunately, there’s an easier way to get your lashes full and lush. 

To the rescue comes the XLASH Pro. 

If you’re a fan of the original XLASH Eyelash Serum, you’ll love the XLASH Pro. Beloved by influencers and trusted by over five million customers worldwide, it boasts an upgraded and improved formula – 100 per cent vegan and cruelty-free, that promises to help you achieve longer, stronger and more dramatic lashes without causing any harmful side effects.

Plus, the scientifically proven, dermatologically tested formula, which the brand has been perfecting since 2011, is so gentle, it’s suitable for even the most sensitive of skin and eyes.

A gentle yet effective formula

Credit: Xlash

The secret lies in the combination of effective ingredients. Using only the finest ingredients and made with the highest safety standards, there’s biotin (also known as vitamin B7) that conditions lashes while promoting healthy hair growth, antioxidant-rich green tea to calm and hyaluronic acid to hydrate the delicate eye area and lashes. 

Its oil-free formula also means that you can even use it over your lash extensions to condition your natural lashes to prevent breakages, which in turn helps your extensions last longer. And you can even use it when you’ve done a lash lift too. 

All you need to do is apply the serum once a day – best done during your night-time skincare routine, and you’ll see visible results in just 28 days

Credit: Xlash

In fact, studies done have shown that you can achieve a 70 per cent increase in lash length; 33 per cent, increase in lash density; 22 per cent improvement in lash strength and 100 per cent noticeable lash growth.

And here’s the best bit: It comes in a larger size – double the XLASH Serum, so you get more bang for your buck.  

“The formula felt weightless and was very comfortable on my lashes – I could hardly feel anything. Over time, I could see an improvement in both the length and density of my lashes.” – Her World Beauty Awards 2023 judge 

Award: Best Lash-Growth Serum
Winner: XLASH Pro

XLASH Pro is available at selected beauty salons, Watsons stores and 

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